Winter Snow Shoot // Oak Wood Cemetery

One of the many things that I want to focus on this year is producing more personal work. As many of you know, I keep a very packed schedule.  In order to make time for “it all”, I find that there is no time for myself or my fine art projects. Most of my personal work has never been displayed in a digital format and this is also something that I wanted to change this year. SO, here you have it – a little impromptu shoot inspired by the snow. A BIG thanks goes out to Miss Emily who drove over in a snow storm, so I could dress her up and freeze her to death (at least we were at a cemetery) all in the name of art.

Oak_Wood_Cemetery_YTK_Photography_001 Oak_Wood_Cemetery_YTK_Photography_002 Oak_Wood_Cemetery_YTK_Photography_003 Oak_Wood_Cemetery_YTK_Photography_004 Oak_Wood_Cemetery_YTK_Photography_006 Oak_Wood_Cemetery_YTK_Photography_007

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