The Magnetic Marriage

Jen and Jay were destined to be together – it may have taken them 10 years, but they sure did make it happen and this blog is the proof! Jen’s best friend and MOH, Casey, gave the absolute best toast which perfectly summed these two up. They are like magnets. Magnets can attract or repel depending on what side you try to put together. When Jen and Jay first stated dating, they were on the same magnetic pole. They kept butting heads and pushing apart, but over time they both grew and their poles flipped. Now they are strong and almost impossible to pull apart. It was so wonderful being with them at their Crystal Cove wedding that was filled with family, friends, laughter and lots of love. One of our favorite parts of the day was a little game that Jen and Jay played… They had agreed to do a first look prior to the ceremony because they really wanted to enjoy their friends and family at cocktail hour but they still wanted to keep their ceremony special … so…. They were not allowed to kiss each other on the lips until the BIG kiss after they were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. It was such a sweet and playful twist and we just LOVED it… (future brides think about this haha!) Check out these stunning Crystal Cove Wedding images and a HUGE congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. (Forever) Young…

Best photo bomb ever hahaha! 


Venue: Crystal Cove
YTK Photography: Katherine Wright, Jen Morse and Kim Britten
DJ: Eric from Pure Sound Entertainment
MU+HAIR: Studio 232
Dress: Jocelyn’s Bridal

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