Danielle & Mike’s Wedding at The Hill, Hudson NY

If you asked us to sum up Danielle and Mike’s Wedding at the Hill in Hudson, I would say that it was whirlwind of happy tears, inside jokes, friends, family and tons and tons of laughter! Like so many of our love stories, Danielle and Mike have been together for several years (like 9) and you can imagine how excited everyone was for this wedding. Thus the epic #finallyMichielini. In just 6 short months, our rock star Bride, Planner, and Detail Diva, Danielle whipped up this wedding to perfection. 90% of all the wedding items she made by hand – this brings a whole new level to a DIY Wedding. The menu cards, centerpieces, signs, bouquets – yep she did it all including setting all the tables at the reception. There was not one single item out of place and we often joked that she will join the YTK team as an in house wedding planner when she gets tired of her current job. We had the most stunning venue, The Hill in Hudson with a beautiful barn, private wedding cottage, and those gorgeous horses! We were so lucky that Danielle and Mike did a first look because we had some serious rain on this wedding day. They say that rain on your wedding is good luck. This is because water helps things grow, the concept behind that statement is that rain will make a marriage grow stronger, and for your family to be blessed with children. Marriages that happen on a rainy day are considered to be blessed with good fortune. We couldn’t agree more. Danielle and Mike are so blessed with so much love for each other, for such amazing families who simply adore them and for some spectacular friends. Our team spent most of the day tearing up along with everyone else, from Danielle’s first look with her Dad, to their vows, to the special song Danielle had performed in honor of her mother. This was quite a magical day and having the rain just pulled everyone in closer together.

The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_002 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_004 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_005 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_006 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_007 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_008 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_009 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_010 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_011 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_012 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_013 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_014 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_015 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_016 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_017 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_018 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_019 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_020 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_021 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_022 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_023 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_024 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_025 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_026 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_027 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_028 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_029 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_030 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_031 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_032 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_033 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_034 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_035 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_036 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_037 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_038 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_039 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_040 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_041 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_042 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_043 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_044 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_045 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_046 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_047 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_048 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_049These are Grandma’s hands. She crocheted these doilies for the wedding. 180 in total – one for every guest that was put with their menu card.The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_050 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_051 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_052 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_053We often get sunset photos at our weddings but we rarely get fog. These misty romantic images are just to die for!The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_001 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_055 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_056 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_057 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_058 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_059 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_060 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_061 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_062 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_063 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_064 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_065 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_066 The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_067The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_0092The_Hill_Hudson_Wedding_0091


Venue: The Hill, Hudson NY

Caterer: Nicole’s Special Events

Planning and Details: 99.9% of all the plans and amazing details were created by our stunning Bride, Danielle Scalera Michielini

Same Day Coordination: Wedding Planning Plus, Alli Dillenbeck

Photography: YTK Photography:  Nicole Nero & Katherine Wright

Videography: YTK Works: Katherine Wright, Jaclyn Kholer & Alex Fagan

Photo Booth: YTK Photography: Jessica LeFleur

Music: MJS Entertainment

Dress: CB Couture

Shoes: Badgley Mischka


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