Classic Canfield Casino Wedding

They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck. For James + Ally, we did the clear skies dance all morning hoping that the clouds would clear up just after their ceremony. (and it was my Birthday wish, which came true!) James and Ally are just adorable together! You can see how they […]

Classy Key Hall Wedding Film

Melissa and Tom celebrated their love with all of their friends and family with this super classy Key Hall wedding at Proctors and it was perfect! You know the couples where you can just tell that they are made fore each other? Yes, you guessed it – Melissa and Tom are certainly in that category. […]

Key Hall Wedding Photos with Teresa & David

People say that you can’t quantify love. You can’t really define it either. But, you certainly can see and feel love. Teresa & David are an excellent example of this. Their wedding was a perfect celebration with all of the traditional details one could have asked for. Teresa and David are two of the kindest […]