Botanical Bliss

A few days ago I got a message that stopped my heart… One of my grooms, who just got married in October, was in the hospital. William had suffered from a stroke, which is shocking. Thankfully, he is now home with Matthew and recovering well. As you can imagine, the whole experience was super stressful […]

Botanical Bliss

“The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. The curves of your lips rewrite history.” – Oscar Wilde This is a story of patience, time and how love wins.  I think that all of us worry at some point that we might not ever find “the one.” Humans all want to […]

NY Surprise Engagement with Amanda + Alyssa

Alyssa + Amanda met in 2007 during a recruiting trip at Siena College where they both attended school. Their relationship blossomed over the next few years and in 2010 they became a couple. When Alyssa wrote to me about her plans for the surprise engagement I was beyond ecstatic. Here was the plan (a) they […]

Paul + Jordan’s Connecticut Wedding Trailer

Five years ago, through a comical course of events, Jordan and Paul were introduced by their mutual Best Lady – Natalie. Natalie knew that they would be perfect together but due to some resistance she had quite the challenge of getting them connected. When they finally did meet their attraction was immediate and their connection […]

Anniversary Shoot with Scott & Terry

Scott and Terry just celebrated a Anniversary (or two)- 25 years together and 10 years married! I was SO excited to capture their love! To set the scene for our shoot I talked with Scott about some locations. Scott is very interested in architecture and  we talked about taking images in the Empire state plaza. […]

Lucas Confectionery Wedding with Amelia & Maria

This wedding so holds my heart! This was such a beautiful low key, family focused wedding that was simply stunning all set at one of our favorite venues, The Lucas Confectionery in Troy. Amelia and Maria are both such sweethearts and it was delightful to get to spend the day with them. One of the […]