Kendra + Steve’s Rustic Romance

When Kendra and Steve talk about their relationship, the way that they describe it is “belonging”. It’s that simple and that powerful. When you look at them together, you just know that they belong. Being romantics, we were just swooning all day at how much these two adore each other. Plus, Steve is a MAJOR […]

Oak Mountain Marriage

Samantha and Andrew love to hike, ski, travel and explore the world together which is why Oak Mountain was just the perfect spot for their wedding! They first met in school at RIT and then traveled all over the US making close connections and memories with their friends. That was one of the coolest parts about this […]

Sarah from the Coffee Shop

When I think about Erin + Sarah, the word that best describes them is: home. That is where they are when they are together – relaxed in each other’s arms, finding quiet and peace in the world.This wedding was a celebration of 9 years of friendship, family and love. They first met when they were […]

Love lifts us up….Boho Balloon Engagement

“Love is like a hot air balloon – it starts with igniting heat and expands to its maximum capacity. The world is filled with a flood of vibrant colors and everything is just more beautiful. Its work – as over time the heats needs to be kept going in order to keep everything afloat. Its […]

Adventurous Engagement Session at Lake Placid

From the moment they met, life has been nothing short of an adventure and we wanted to carry that theme through their epic Lake Placid engagement photos! If you frequent the YTK blog then you might remember Alex and Travis from a few months ago with their Dark and Stormy Engagement Session. We did that […]

Rustic Romantic Wedding at Hunter Mountain

You know the feeling when you wake up in the morning with knots in your stomach from excitement and nerves? I imagine this is how most brides feel on the morning of their wedding day. So many things falling into place, all of your loved ones traveling to celebrate that you found the one person […]