Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention? I am proud to present, the one, the only :::insert drum roll::: Sunny Holiday! Perhaps you have watched Sunny perform with the fabulous Burlesque group, Charmed and Dangerous, or you might have caught her stellar performance in Rent as Mimi or on the YTKBlog with our Vintage Fashion Flair Shoot.

Regardless if knew her before; you will know her now because the multi-talented songbird is back with a special boudoir session and some behind the scenes images of Sunny in her dressing room (in pure boudoir style with a modern documentary twist).


Larissa_YTK_001 Larissa_YTK_002 Larissa_YTK_003 Larissa_YTK_004 Larissa_YTK_005 Larissa_YTK_006 Larissa_YTK_007 Larissa_YTK_008 Larissa_YTK_009 Larissa_YTK_010 Larissa_YTK_011 Larissa_YTK_012 Larissa_YTK_013 Larissa_YTK_014

YTK TechSpecs // Images were captured with a Canon 5D Mark II with Canon 50:1.2 and Canon 24 – 70: 2.8

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