Summer in September

When summer decided to show up this year, she waited all the way until the end September to do it. It has been super hot these past few weeks, and a lot of our “fall-ish” couples have been pretty surprised by the climbing temp scale! For this fun Saratoga E-shoot, Sabrina and Jake planned something that was really them, a walk around town to some of their favorite spots and to end at a pub for a few pints. Like so many of our couples, Sabrina and Jake have the best kind of story. You know, where you connect with someone – they become a friendly face but it doesn’t go anywhere until the timing is just right. They started out as friends and then one fateful evening they started chatting, Jake started making Sabrina laugh and he has never stopped since. Saratoga is the place where their relationship developed, so it made perfect since to shoot their engagement photos here! We laughed the ENTIRE time. Jake is so funny and I just love how he makes Sabrina light up! If you didn’t know, Jake has probably made you laugh too… he is the Jake of the Jake and Ashley on Fly 92.3! I just can’t wait for this wedding and had a blast spending the day with you guys! xoxox

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