Snowy Goddess Session // Frau Holle

I was traveling out to photograph at a client’s home and on this windy back road I saw this amazing “picturesque” scene and knew that I HAD to create something there. Immediately I rang up my good friend (and YTK BTS Goddess) Alex and asked her if she would model for me. At that Point I knew three things about this shoot: 1. I had a model 2. I had a location and 3. I had a camera…

Now if you know me you know that I am quite the visionary creative person and I pull a lot of my reference from classic Mythology. I absolutely loved the story about the Scandinavian Goddess; Frau Holle. According to legend, she is associated with both the evergreen plants of the Yule season, and with snowfall, which is said to be Frau Holle shaking out her feathery mattresses.

I thought that this would be perfect if I could pull off the look. On a chance trip to Goodwill that evening I found the most perfect evergreen dress satin and velvet – the perfect (and I do mean perfect) size for Alex. I was SO excited and dashed over to Michael’s where I picked up the pieces to construct her headpiece and staff. You should have seen the glitter in my art room from making them! A lot of the other accessories I already owned including the fur wrap so everything just fell into place. I  glammed up Alex on the day of our shoot and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

YTK_Fantasy_Troy_002 YTK_Fantasy_Troy_003 YTK_Fantasy_Troy_004 YTK_Fantasy_Troy_005 copy YTK_Fantasy_Troy_006 YTK_Fantasy_Troy_007FacebookYTK Tech Specs: Canon 5D Mark III with: 24-70 mm 2.8; 50 mm 1.2 and 135 mm 2.0
Dress:          Goodwill
Fur Wrap:   Vintage
Styling:        YTK Photography
Headpiece:  Homemade with items from Michael’s
Guess what else was created in addition to the headpiece and staff? If you said SNOW – you would be right!

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