They say that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and if you sparkle like these Dames then you’re my best friend too. I am delighted to welcome back the Diamond Street Dames to the YTKblog. At the end of April we ran our popular Burlesque/Boudoir photo shoot. This workshop spanned two-twelve hour days, 24 participants, three amazing assistants, six different setups, and over 4,500 images, all hosted at the delightful Club Helsinki in Hudson.

We explored the art of seduction and sensuality – a  transforming experience for all. Most of these women have never posed in this fashion before and I AM BLOWN AWAY by these images. Thank you all for your trust, sincerity, laughter, and beauty.

Make sure that you see the Dames Preforming at Club Helsinki in Hudson on Sunday June 2nd. Click here for more details.

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This workshop couldn’t have been possible without my wonderful team: Alex, Cj and Jess and the assistance of Miss Brittany and Miss Kacey, Organizers, Instructors and Operation Genius of The Diamond Street Dames– Thank you for having YTK Photography back for another batch of spectacular images and we can’t wait to do it again!

YTK TechSpecs // Images were captured with a Canon 5D Mark II with Canon 50:1.2, Canon 24 – 70: 2.8, and Canon 135:2.0

Here are a few behind the scenes shots


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