Someday is Today

The Story: “Someday is today.” This was written on a piece of paper when Padraic (finally) popped the question. These two have been together for 8+ years. They are business partners, travel the world together and are the best of friends so it wasn’t a matter of IF they would get married, it was more of a question of when. Thus, “Someday is today.” They are so crazy in love – just look at how they look at each other. Talk about relationship goals. We just loved that we were the ones who got to capture it!

The Style: Through out our planning process, Jennifer would ask – “So when do we dance?” Getting to boogie down was one of her top priories which is why we were so incredibly thrilled that we got to work with DJ Logan Hoffis of Hoffis Entertainment. He is amazing, so if you are still shopping for a DJ, please take note. Catered by our Favorites, Nicole’s Special Events and Catering created a super fun custom menu that reflected on all of their favorite things. From Fish and chips to Phad Thai it was different than most wedding meals and so delicious. Other charming touches, helped keep the rustic and romantic vibes which were perfect at the Shaker Heritage Barn.

For whatever reason, this image makes me think of Dorthy from Wizard of Oz. I just want to put them on, click my heels and say – there is no place like home!

I just love Jennifer’s choice on (well everything) but these invitations were perfection as they gave a nod to the Shaker Barn’s Sting lights!

One of the BEST things about Jennifer is her laugh – she lights up the room and this image captures that perfectly!

I LOVEEE this image of her sister, Rebecca getting the dress ready. 

One thing that Jennifer shared with us is that she LOVED her wedding dress, she said that she felt like she could just lounge around on the couch in it and watch TV. I bet you anything in a few weeks she will be doing exactly that haha! 

Even though they decided that they were not going to do presents, Jennifer gave Padraic the night sky for their wedding day.

Danielle caught this amazing moment of Padraic practicing his vows before the ceremony. 

This bouquet was every bit of spring and beautiful. 

Right before she saw her dad, she showed me this handkerchief she had embroidered for him… She knew her Dad would be a crier.

and cry he did, a lot. We JUST love this!

Love the ring hand off. 

For their introduction, Jennifer + Padraic came to our studio to film a cover of Scream and Shout – it was epic and everyone loved it!

They then went into a great choreographed first dance

Followed by a surprise slide show from Dad and more tears…



Venue: Shaker Heritage Barn
Catering: Nicole’s Special Events and Catering
Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright + Danielle Simmons
Videography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright, Jess Fleurent, Maya Suchak assisted by Katie Tenczar
DJ: Hoffis Entertainment
Flowers: Farm House Floral Designs
Makeup: Jenna’s Salon
Hair: Jenna’s Salon
Dress: Bridal Gallery by Yvonne
Invitations: Minted

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