Sarah from the Coffee Shop

When I think about Erin + Sarah, the word that best describes them is: home. That is where they are when they are together – relaxed in each other’s arms, finding quiet and peace in the world.
This wedding was a celebration of 9 years of friendship, family and love. They first met when they were working at a local coffee shop in Saratoga. From there their love brewed into the romance and relationship that they have today. Everything with this couple is connected – even Sarah’s older sister Rebecca, grew up with Erin’s older sister – yet another reason why it all feels like home. So, Rebecca and Sarah are as thick as thieves (which you might expect with sisters)- and when Sarah started officially dating Erin, she was so  nervous about what Rebecca would think, because she REALLY liked him. But when she told Rebecca, Rebecca responded “Good, Erin is a really great guy.” A sentiment Rebecca echoed in her toast saying “Over the past 9 years Erin has proven himself as a great guy over and over again.” Every part of their wedding day was reflective of this love. I have to say that the highlight (in addition to our amazing couple) was Sarah’s Nephew (Rebecca’s Son) Noah. I can’t get over how sweet and funny he is and he gave one of the best toasts to date. ” I love Erin, and I can’t wait to see everyone on the dance floor.” Having the opportunity to share and capture a love story like this – makes my heart so full.

Erin is an designer and super talented artist who created her invitations!

Venue: Pruyn House
Catering: Mazzone Hospatality
DJ: Metro Music
Photogrpahy: YTK Photography + Films by Katherine Wright and Diana Newton
MU + Hair: Strutt Salon: Nicole Nicholas
Dress Designer: Rue Designer
Dress Store:

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