Sagamore Wedding with Holly & Rob

This Fall Lake George Wedding was such a beautiful and exciting Event. Our day was laid back and relaxed focusing on family and the great love between Holly and Rob. Holly is a fellow WV girl and I have been excited about this wedding since I saw that 304 area code pop up on my phone. The whole day I felt so at home that even my little twang made an appearance.

I can’t even begin to tell you about these Lake George Wedding photographs. We have everything and more that a photographer could want: a stunning bride, a dashing groom, a super fun wedding party, amazing family, PERFECT and I do mean perfect, weather with an incredible location. Throughout the day, I was showing Holly some  #backofthecamera shots and thanked her and Rob so much for having me. To which she replied, Are you kidding? THANK YOU GIRL, I can’t even believe that those photos are us and that this is MY wedding day. So saddle up and get ready to check out some beautiful Lake George Wedding photos at The Sagamore Resort.

Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_002 Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_003I am in LOVE with these detail shots. Nothing like a pair of Badgley Mischaka bridal shoes with the fall colors on the Lake George mountains in the background…and I love love love this shot of Holly’s Nicole Miller dress at the top of The Sagamore!

Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_004Holly’s ring is not only beautiful it is also a family heirloom as it was Rob’s grandmother’s ring. It’s gorgeous and vintage dating Circa 1930.Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_005Home… that is all we need to say about that.  Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_006Holly had WV love all over the place with custom embroidered shirts for her girls and these fun WV wine Glasses. Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_007Rob surprised Holly with a little gift on their wedding day and we all learned how to properly cry without having your mascara run.  Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_008Holly was getting all dolled up and looked so beautiful. Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_009A little attention from her best ladies. Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_010Holly is stunning bride. She has such a classic elegance that was perfect with her Nicole Miller Wedding gown.Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_011This bridal bouquet was divine with cream and blush roses and ivory hydrangeas. I love that shot paired with the floral background.  Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_012Rob was looking sharp with his tux. Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_013 Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_014We love relaxed shots of the guys having a good time.  Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_015Holly could not have picked a better color for the bridesmaids. These crimson gowns were perfect for this fall Lake George Wedding. Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_016The dresses even matched the vintage Ford that took Holly over to the Ceremony. Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_017We just love these detail shots of the car.  Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_018Holly and Rob brought in that small town feel with their ceremony at a quaint little church in Warrensburg.Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_019Here comes the bride…. Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_020We love getting these reaction shots during the ceremony.  Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_021Now time for the rings. Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_022And that awesome wedding kiss.  Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_023I already mentioned that we had the most spectacular day for our Sagamore Wedding photographs but we first started with doing some images in Warrensburg. I scouted this industrial bridge and we love that it was on the water with the fall foliage.  Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_024Holly and Rob booked the perfect weekend for their Lake George Wedding with the perfect timing for the foliage change — the mountains were absolutely stunning. Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_025Those are hot mountain mamas!Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_026And handsome gents.  Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_027We have everything that you want on your wedding photography check list in these shots: Great couple (check), great location (check) beautiful light (check, check)! Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_028But then…… We get to The Sagamore and make images like this… I felt like I was back home in the good olde WV.Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_029We love sweet little moments like this. Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_030And it’s not a Sagamore Wedding without some images on the dock. Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_031Over at the reception tent, Holly glammed it up with that over-the-top elegance. This was brought to life with the absolutely beautiful setting of The Sagamore Resort and the perfection/ massive talents of On from Surroundings Floral. Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_032We loved Holly & Rob’s First Dance. It was so sweet.  Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_033Rob and his mother had a great moment. Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_034Holly and her father had a beautiful dance. It literately had her girls in tears.  Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_035Throughout the evening we had great blessings and toasts but Stewart gets the award of the season with the best speech all year! Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_036Loving these timeless wedding photos at The Sagamore.Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_037And OH what about that light!?!?!?! We could have been finished with our wedding portraits hours ago but we kept getting stuff like this… so I HAD to keep shooting. Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_038 Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_039Holly and Rob really perfected the Art of the spin! (and were totally laughing at me for my positioning to get this shot but it was so worth it!) Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_040There were dozens of photographs at this Lake George Wedding that sent me over the moon. but this…. I. Died. Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_041I always love to put in a fun silhouette and the elements could not have been more perfectly aligned for this amazing image.  Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_042But wait there are more… Holly & Rob had a fireworks display just after sunset and it was spectacular.  Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_043Now time to show off your dance moves and celebrate! Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_044 Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_045Nothing like some long exposure photography at the end of the night.  We even had a few stars pop out to say hello. Sagamore_Wedding_Photography_YTK_046This was an amazing wedding and I am so happy to have shared this day with ya’ll :::wink::: Thank you for having YTK Photography capture your Sagamore Wedding!


Vendor Info:

Location:            The Sagamore, Lake George

Officiant:            Father Cox

Band:                  High Definition

Flowers:             Surrounding Floral – With the amazing On

The Sagamore Wedding Phographers:   YTK Photography

Dress:                Nicole Miller

Shoes:              Badgley Mischaka

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