Rustic Romantic Wedding at Hunter Mountain

You know the feeling when you wake up in the morning with knots in your stomach from excitement and nerves? I imagine this is how most brides feel on the morning of their wedding day. So many things falling into place, all of your loved ones traveling to celebrate that you found the one person who you connect with in a way that is almost indescribable other than “it’s just so right”. Watching Emily and Peter together you can see that connection and the love that they have for each other. She never smiled so brightly until she saw his face when she walked down the aisle. I am just so unbelievably happy for them. All of the weddings that we have the privilege of capturing stem from one root. Love. The love between the couple, the love of the families, the love of the friends and our love for being present to capture and hold that love in a moment forever. One of the things that made this Hunter Mountain wedding so special is the closeness and connection that Emily and Peter have with their families. I absolutely loved that they had Peter’s sister perform the ceremony and his brother was his best man. Emily’s brother created a beautiful ring box and preformed a ring blessing during the ceremony and her sisters both shared beautiful readings that brought everyone to tears (including our team).  It only made since to have their family so integrated into the ceremony as they are so close with them all. The trip up Hunter Mountain was breathtaking with such vast views and stunning scenery. It completely fit Emily’s vision of a relaxed rustic romantic feel.
Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_003 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_004When that little spark lights you up like this….Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_005Hawks are very important to Emily and are a big part of her family’s history. Her mother included this feather in her bouquet.   Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_006This dress was simply stunning – we just love the collections from True North Bridal!  Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_007Emily’s Brother Bryan created this beautiful little ring box for the couple complete with a four-leaf clover that Emily’s mother found just for the happy day.  Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_008 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_009 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_010 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_011 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_012 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_013 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_014One of our absolute favorite times during a wedding is when the bride does a first look with her Dad.
This was such an exciting and emotional time for everyone in the room. We just love Jerry’s reaction to his stunning girl. It was so sweet and sentimental.  Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_015 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_016Talk about adoring…  Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_017Before she put on her jewelry, Bryan surprised Emily with a little gift….  Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_018 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_019Opal earrings – because their father had proposed to their mother with an opal ring.  Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_020 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_021Peter looked so dapper in his grey suit and blue tie! Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_022Peter’s Brother helping with the final touches.  Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_023And we love this moment with Peter’s sister and his father.  Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_024What an amazing view at the top of the summit.  Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_025Just love this moment with Emily’s parents and she was about to step off the lift…Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_026 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_027 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_028What big smiles as she walked down the aisle.  Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_029 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_030The view was spectacular! Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_031 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_032Emily’s siblings had beautiful words that they shared. Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_033 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_034And many of those worlds brought tears… Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_035As part of their celebration, the ring box was passed around to the family. Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_036 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_037Officially Mr. & Mrs. Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_039We love that they were showered with rose petals!  Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_040 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_041 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_042Such a great Bridal Party! They kept is small and special with Emily’s Best Friend from childhood and Peter’s Brother.Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_043 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_044 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_045 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_046 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_047Hunter Mountain was such a spectacular location for our bridal photos! Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_048 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_049 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_050 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_051The Copper Tree looked beautiful and we just love these small collection of mason jar arrangements. Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_053 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_054 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_055 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_056The toasts were so thoughtful… the room was full of smiles! Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_057 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_058 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_059 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_060 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_061 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_062 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_063Then it was time to dance the night way! Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_064 Hunter_Mountain_Wedding_065

Thank you so much for having YTK capture your beautiful day! We wish you both a lifetime of happiness.


Venue:   Hunter Mountain

Catering:  Copper Tree

Photography: YTK Photography, Katherine Wright and Nicole Nero

Videography: YTK Works, Katherine Wright, Alex Fagan and Jaclyn Kohler

Flowers: Flower Blossom Farm

Makeup: Make Me Fabulous

DJ: Conway Entertainment

Dress: True North Bridal

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