Rock Your Style 2016

We had an amazing time at the 2016 Rock Your Style Event to benefit Trinity Alliance. Trinity Alliance provides services to the community¬† that support and promote healthy families, adults and children. Their agency is dedicated to improving the neighborhood as a setting for family life, contributing to health and well-being, and promoting education and employment as a means of self-development. With such an amazing mission you can understand why we love to help support this organization! To support this mission, RYS2016 is a fashion show fundraiser that highlights the community’s “movers and shakers” as models. Each model is asked to raise funds for the event and this year the “TOP MODEL” was Patrick Noonan who brought in over $9k alone making this event the most successful in the history bring in over $112k! The evening was filled with amazing people, great food and drink and lots of excitement all for an awesome cause!

rys_2016_ytk_002 rys_2016_ytk_003 rys_2016_ytk_004 rys_2016_ytk_005 rys_2016_ytk_006 rys_2016_ytk_007 rys_2016_ytk_008 rys_2016_ytk_009 rys_2016_ytk_010 rys_2016_ytk_011 rys_2016_ytk_012Attendees looked stellar on the red carpet! rys_2016_ytk_013And our fashion’s future made an appearance! rys_2016_ytk_014 rys_2016_ytk_015 rys_2016_ytk_016 rys_2016_ytk_017Event Chairs Danielle and David Brown took a little family photo with their son Max who was also a model in the show! rys_2016_ytk_018 rys_2016_ytk_019 rys_2016_ytk_020 rys_2016_ytk_021 rys_2016_ytk_022 rys_2016_ytk_023 rys_2016_ytk_024 rys_2016_ytk_025 rys_2016_ytk_026 rys_2016_ytk_027Does this little girl look familiar? Yep that is Katie Brown and we helped capture some images of her Lemonade stand fundraiser this summer! Katie brought in over $3K to this event! rys_2016_ytk_028 rys_2016_ytk_029 rys_2016_ytk_030Director of Development at Trinity Alliance, Kat Brown takes the stage with Takara Wiles, RYS Founder and Event Coordinator rys_2016_ytk_031The Golden Hanger went to Patrick Noonan this year for his amazing fundraising of over $9K! rys_2016_ytk_032 rys_2016_ytk_033

It was another amazing event! Thanks so much for having YTK capture all the fashion festivities!


Venue: Kiernan Plaza
Director of Development at Trinity Alliance: Kat Brown
Director of Marketing at Gramercy Communications / RYS Founder and Event Coordinator: Takara Wiles
Event Chairs: Danielle and David Brown from Premiere Transportation

Event Committee: SEFCU and Top Model Fundraiser – Patrick Noonan, Owner of El Loco / Orchard Tavern
Catering: Mazzone
Makeup & Hair: Stiletto Salon
Photography: YTK Photography – Katherine Wright & Kim Clune

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