Paris Engagement Shoot with Christie & David

Paris – the city of Love, and  what a better place to have an engagement session? Christie is a NY gal who studied abroad in Australia where she met the love of her life, David. Over the next five years they spent time traveling back and forth to see one another and jet setting all over the globe. For the moment they are living in Paris. Now how would two photographers traveling to Paris happen to find an engaged couple and a former NY local? Well, let me just tell you how amazing the world is… One of my stellar brides, Nikki is an long time friend of Christie. When Nikki and I were shooting her engagement session in DC, I was chatting up a storm about my trip to Paris and she made the introduction. In talking with Christie about the shoot, she explained to me that in her five years of being with David, they have never had any professional photos done. Little did she know that she was going to have two stellar shooters capturing her session! Nicole and I were just thrilled to be in Paris and even more excited to shoot a Paris Engagement session with such a great couple! Our focus in this shoot was really capturing Christie and David – not hitting up every tourist spot in the city. We started out in Montmarte, which is famed artist district and the hill that houses Sacre-Coeur. This is Christie’s favorite spot in Paris. From there we winded our way down the quaint streets, stopping for a glass of wine and then it was to the Eiffel Tower. One of the best parts of our shoot was getting all the insider info from David and Christie! You really don’t know a city until you see it with the locals. It was a picture perfect session with two absolutely delightful people! We are so thrilled for you both and hope to see you at your wedding next year!


Paris was a candy store of Color. We just adore these green shutters and wall ivy.


This background was the ORIGINAL Cabaret house in Paris – yep that’s right not the Moulin Rouge!


Montmarte is Christie’s favorite place in all of Paris so it was the perfect spot for her Paris Engagement Photos!


We just love everything about this Image!


The architecture and detail in this city is just stunning!





This view of the Eiffel Tower was just perfect for our Paris Engagement Photos!


I just love this street scene shot by Nicole! SO beautiful!!



And off to the Eiffel Tower at twilight!



Fun Photo Fact: This image is a stitched composite! Can anyone take a guess at how many images were used?


It’s one thing to see the Eiffel Tower in photos, but there is nothing like standing right under it. It is absolutely magnificent!



It’s not a YTK shoot without a stellar silhouette!


It was absolutely our pleasure capturing your Paris Engagement Session! Thank you both so much for having us! A BIG thank you to Nikki for connecting us and A huge thank you to Nicole for her amazing work and beautiful heart!


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