Olde Tater Barn Wedding with Anna & Ryan

When you sit down with a couple and they say, “make sure you focus on the groom during the ceremony – he is going to cry a lot”, you know you are about to attend an epic wedding. Having this type of emotion on a wedding day is simply awesome because you know that the two people at the end of the aisle are madly in love and getting to capture that raw emotion is one of the best parts of this job. Another piece that is equally amazing, is getting to work with such sweet people who are fun and creative. Put simply, I just adore Anna and Ryan and loved capturing their Olde Tater Barn Wedding! They put a ton a prep work into making this day happen. From the handmade centerpieces & S’Mores kits to the tiny Irish traditions, they made this day all about their love, their family and close friends. We had a gorgeous day to celebrate their marriage at the Olde Tater Barn and at end of the day it was awesome to watch these two just relax and dance the night away as the new Mr. & Mrs. Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_002 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_003 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_004 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_005Anna and Ryan made their own S’More Kits – which were used at their bonfire right after their wedding  Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_006 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_007 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_008 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_009 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_010 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_011 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_012 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_013 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_014Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_017We just love these cabage and ecucaliptis bouques Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_016Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_015 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_018 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_019 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_021Anna was just glowing with joy and excitement! Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_022Here our groom loses it as he sees Anna for the first time! Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_023 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_024 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_025 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_026 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_027To incorporate some Irish traditions, Anna and Ryan had a handfasting (they also made the rope!) Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_028 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_029Stunning Kiss shot by the lovely Kim! Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_030 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_031 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_032We love the fields at the Olde Tater Barn Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_033 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_034Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_020This was one of the best shots … ever. Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_035 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_036 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_037The Olde Tater Barn was looking beautiful! Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_038 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_039 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_040 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_041The toast from Heather was nothing short of epic. She gave a hilarious presentation that had the entire barn laughing! Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_042We just love the parent dances! Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_043 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_044Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_045 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_046 Olde_Tater_Barn_Wedding_047Anna & Ryan we had such an amazing time with you at your Olde Tater Barn Wedding! Thank you both for having YTK capture your wonderful wedding.

Olde Tater Barn Photography: YTK Photography, Katherine Wright and Kim Clune

Venue & Catering: Olde Tater Barn

DJ: Hollister Entertainment


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