I have been so excited about this Olde Tater Barn wedding because I  knew that we would have delicious details and LOTS of personal style. I am so excited to share these Wedding Photos from the Olde Tater Barn in Central Bridge, New York


  We started the day out “Wright” :::wink::: with a fab spot to shoot for the bride’s Justin’s boots – I am in Love with this image!  In addition to the country style, the boots also doubled as her “something blue”


Our Bride wore a wonderful Vera Wang White Dress – very simple and elegant!

Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_004 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_005

The Bride’s sister found this little treasure – a beautiful glass box that they used to carry the rings.


I love this floral crown designed by Anthology studio – She looks like a Fairy Princess!

Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_010 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_011

These JCrew plaid ties gave a great rustic feel and paired well with the Calvin Klein suits

Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_013 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_015

The selection of unique blossoms and ferns looked fab in the flower arrangements by Anthology Studio

Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_016 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_017 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_018 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_019 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_020

I have a weakness for shoes …. and these two are quite a pair!

Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_021 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_022

We were super lucky to have this old car at the house where we did our portraits before the ceremony. The boys got this great old rusted Betty and the girls had this fantastic Ford!

Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_023 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_024 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_025 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_026 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_028 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_029Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_027 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_030

The boys wore the handkerchief invitations in their pockets and check out those fancy grooms gifts – custom made bottle opener belt buckles!


Here our handsome groom arrives to the ceremony site by helicopter – very Bond! – The bride’s Dad is a helicopter pilot and thought up this great entrance!

Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_033 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_034

I absolutely LOVE these little terrarium escort bottles – So vintage!

Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_035 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_036 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_037 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_038

The ceremony was particularly special as both the bride and groom’s fathers performed the services.


Lots and lots of happy tears!

Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_040 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_041

The Olde Tater Barn had lots of great locations for our wedding photos.


The Besties! ::grin:::


And now some time for portraits!

Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_047 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_048Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_049 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_050

The folks at the Olde Tater Barn and Anthology Studio did a great job on the barn! The room looked wonderful!

Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_051 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_052

Remember how I was commenting on our bride’s style – well here is another unique detail – She had Pie in lieu of cake! Also on the menu they featured  savory natural chicken, barbecue pulled pork roast, and grass fed Angus Sirloin. They also had organic and local grown veggies with a mashed potato bar – fitting for the Olde Tater Barn.


And the speeches…. The Bride’s sister literately had me laughing so hard that I cried and crying so hard that I laughed.

Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_054 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_055

A few more tearful moments with the father daughter dance

Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_056 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_057 Tater_Barn_Wedding_YTK_Photography_ML_058

And we couldn’t pass up this great moment for a silhouette right after sunset!


It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you and your families. Thank you for having me photograph your Olde Tater Barn Wedding.

Dress:                     Vera Wang White
Ties:                       JCrew
Suit:                       Calvin Klein 
Shoes:                   Justin’s Boots
Flowers:                 Anthology studio
MU and Hair:        Melissa Grady and Lauren France

Location Venue:   Olde Tater Barn

DJ / Band:              Piano Man’s DJ Productions
Photo Booth:         Piano Man’s DJ Productions
Cake:                     Pie Lady & Son, Nyack, NY

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