NY Surprise Engagement with Karen & Paul

Paul and Karen are from Long Island and had planned a romantic weekend in Upstate NY. Before this trip they had talked about what Karen’s dream engagement would be like. Since Paul asked Karen about a proposal, she started to get suspicious that he might pop the question soon. In addition to her father’s blessing, Karen also wanted a photographer at the engagement to capture the moment and for it all to be a total surprise.

As Paul wanted to fulfill every part of Karen’s dream surprise engagement he needed a photographer to make that happen and reached out to us! We couldn’t have been any more excited to collaborate! While chatting with Paul, we also explained how important filming this surprise proposal would be and he just loved the idea of including video! Karen already suspecting that the question was coming any day put the pressure on Paul and the YTK Team to come up with a perfect scheme to throw her off completely!

As soon as he said that they were going to be in the Kingston area for their trip I knew exactly where he should pop the question, at a lake on top of a mountain with incredible views, water, trees, mountains, and cliffs! The plan was for Paul to take Karen on a hike that Sunday afternoon before they headed back home. This threw her off completely as hiking on a Sunday meant sneakers, hiking clothes, and a ponytail (with no makeup!) and she didn’t suspect a thing!

The State Park was the perfect place for Lily (our amazing videographer) and I to blend into the background to look like “tourists” taking photos of the landscape so Karen wouldn’t get any ideas. We had lots of places to plant extra cameras that could be hidden since we knew Karen would be looking for anything out of place. We even moved a small fallen tree and rocks to camouflage one of our cameras!

Paul and I talked over the plan in great detail that included maps of the park, a series of text message photos of the landmarks along the way, a red bandana to mark the spot that they should stand so we could capture everything. Paul was a complete genius and moved Karen into the perfect spot. She was completely shocked! It was such a beautiful moment and fellow hikers cheered, clapped, and offered their congratulations when they realized Paul was proposing.

Karen was visibly astounded when she realized the whole thing was being captured by the “landscape photographers” and that we were actually there for her! We followed up the proposal with a surprise Engagement Shoot, something that Paul had been planning all along. He hid some of Karen’s favorite dresses in their suit case (on the inner lining) so that she could get dolled up and we could go off to take some beautiful images.

We have all seen romantic movies where the guy makes some huge romantic gesture for the girl that he loves to show her just how much she means to him. Those films are great to watch but it was even MORE exciting for the YTK Team to actually make one in real life. We are huge romantics and you can’t image how unbelievably excited we were to be a part of this special moment in Paul and Karen’s life. We congratulate you on your engagement and wish you a lifetime of happiness!





We even had an audience who applauded loudly for the happy couple!


Isn’t that ring just stunning? Colorless, oval solitaire set in rose gold with a vintage ring box. Just perfect for Karen and she absolutely loved it!


This was the view from the overlook and the tower where Paul and Karen hiked the day before!


Now back at the “spot” all dolled up!


We had the best time at our surprise engagement photo session. These two were just adorable!


LOVE the laughter and joy that was bursting out all day!




This was one of my favorite spots… A field filled with wild irises! It was just stunning!






Thank you for having YTK capture your NY surprise engagement session and  a huge thank you goes out to Lily Owen, YTK Videographer and Editor for all her help with the coordination and producing such a beautiful film!

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