NY Surprise Engagement with Amanda + Alyssa

Alyssa + Amanda met in 2007 during a recruiting trip at Siena College where they both attended school. Their relationship blossomed over the next few years and in 2010 they became a couple. When Alyssa wrote to me about her plans for the surprise engagement I was beyond ecstatic. Here was the plan (a) they were getting ready to celebrate their 6th year together and she wanted to surprise Amanda by proposing to her at the Siena Softball field – the exact place that brought them together and a place that they frequent on their anniversary. Since it was tradition, Alyssa was going to bring Amanda back to Albany to celebrate their 6th year anniversary! She was going to walk her down to the softball filed so they could pitch together. Amanda has always wanted the proposal to be significant so, on the softball Alyssa was going to write “is this significant enough?” that way when Amanda caught it – she would be confused – then Alyssa would walk over and get down on one knee…..
Inset Plan B
The weather of their anniversary and surprise engagement was scheduled to be rainy (and it certainly was). I talked with Alyssa the day before and told her rain or shine we are a go to capture this amazing moment. Because of the rain we knew that it would be suspicious for Alyssa to ask Amanda to pitch, so instead we just planned on her popping the question right on the pitchers mound. I can not begin to tell you how emotional and exciting this moment was. My stomach was in knots and I had to keep breathing to keep from sobbing! Amanda’s face says it all – she was beyond excited and surprised…..


Amanda looked at Alyssa and said “I’ve been waiting for you to ask me.” and now I have a question for you… SHE PULLED OUT A RING BOX. We all absolutely lost it. No one had any idea that this surprise engagement was going to have another SURPRISE Engagement! Amanda had been carrying Alyssa’s ring around since June so that when Alyssa asked she could return the question! Later we learned that this bit of Kismet is not odd for this couple – they are always on the exact same page (even with out knowing!) For example – They both brought champagne to celebrate (glasses and all) and secretly stashed it in the car so the other wouldn’t know! They even bought the exact same brand. Amanda said to us later that the softball field is the exact place that she always wanted to have the proposal. It was beyond perfect and we could not be any more excited to share in this amazing moment with these incredible women!
ny_surprise_engagement__0001Even in the middle of the rain Alyssa got down on one knee… ny_surprise_engagement__0002 ny_surprise_engagement__0003Alyssa had picked the setting from a store that she knew Amanda would just LOVE! ny_surprise_engagement__0004 ny_surprise_engagement__0005Amanda was just overwhelmed with emotions… ny_surprise_engagement__0006 ny_surprise_engagement__0007 ny_surprise_engagement__0008BUT THEN… AMANDA GAVE US THE BIGGEST SURPRISE OF ALL TIME…. ny_surprise_engagement__0009She pulled out a ring box for Alyssa.  ny_surprise_engagement__0010Amanda knew that Alyssa wanted to ask first, so had been carrying Alyssa’s ring with her since JUNE – just waiting for this moment.ny_surprise_engagement__0011 ny_surprise_engagement__0012Alyssa’s face was priceless!  ny_surprise_engagement__0013How romantic is this that?ny_surprise_engagement__0014 ny_surprise_engagement__0015 ny_surprise_engagement__0016Right at this spot they met and knew that the other was significant. At that time they had no idea that they would become significant others. ny_surprise_engagement__0017 ny_surprise_engagement__0018 ny_surprise_engagement__0019 ny_surprise_engagement__0020I just love this shot with Alyssa’s wet knee where she got down to ask Amanda to be her bride! ny_surprise_engagement__0021 ny_surprise_engagement__0022 ny_surprise_engagement__0024 ny_surprise_engagement__0025 ny_surprise_engagement__0027 ny_surprise_engagement__0028 ny_surprise_engagement__0029Here is that Kismet again… They both secretly stashed champagne in the car with out the other knowing and even bought the same brand!ny_surprise_engagement__0030 ny_surprise_engagement__0031

We are just so excited for you both and can not wait to see you again!

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