New York State Museum Wedding with Nicole and Matt

 This New York State Museum Wedding blog happens to be filled with some fun and “Super” surprises. I am so excited to introduce you to Nicole and Matt who recently tied the knot in Albany. Nicole and Matt are two fun, active and wonderful people. It is awesome how close the are with their families and friends. Their personalities came through with each thoughtful detail of their day and it was a natural fit for YTK to collaborate on their ideas for images. We could not have asked for a better day or for better people to spend it with. Congrats to you both!

New_York_state_museum_Wedding_002New_York_state_museum_Wedding_003New_York_state_museum_Wedding_001I absolutely love this image of Nicole and her girls – giggles for days!


New_York_state_museum_Wedding_005And to complement… Matt and his men.

New_York_state_museum_Wedding_006This little prep shot was priceless – Matt’s sister Maria writing out her speech for the reception


New_York_state_museum_Wedding_008Nicole’s favorite color is blue and she used it through out her wedding theme. She even found a dress that featured a baby blue bodice and hand beading.



New_York_state_museum_Wedding_012The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception has amazing architecture.  Nicole and Matt were really going for a ceremony site that had that wow factor and this venue was gorgeous!

New_York_state_museum_Wedding_013The stained glass windows are so beautiful.



New_York_state_museum_Wedding_016Surprise No. 1:       Matt and Nicole gave the first surprise of the day with this saucy dip for their kiss. I love Father Dan’s reaction and you should have heard the roaring from the guests.

New_York_state_museum_Wedding_017Having Albany as our backdrop was ideal for this New York State Museum Wedding – I love this shot with the capital – just a quite moment.

New_York_state_museum_Wedding_018But this image is was the winner of the day…From the Plaza you get an awesome view of the Cathedral. #myfav

New_York_state_museum_Wedding_019The bridal party posing it up on the steps of the New York State Museum.



New_York_state_museum_Wedding_022Surprise No. 2:    Matt is really a super groom and super hero buff along with his groomsmen.


New_York_state_museum_Wedding_024Surprise No. 3    Father Dan rocked a Super Man shirt for the occasion. BUT THAT IS NOT THE BEST PART… during the Mass he actually started humming the theme song to Star Wars and to anyone who is a Sci-Fi Action Hero, Comic Book loving dork (like me) made it one of  the best and most fun Catholic wedding ceremonies I have ever attended.

Surprise No. 4   In addition to being a Super Groom, Matt also evokes the power of Spider Man and can hang from almost anything… His cell phone, however, is not so talented with anti-gravity powers.

New_York_state_museum_Wedding_025Surprise No. 5    Nicole and Matt stunned all of their wedding guests with an incredibly complicated choreographed first dance. With Matt’s spidey senses and super strength he was able to flip, lift, twist and toss Nicole all over the dance floor.

New_York_state_museum_Wedding_026He even did a little break dancing… boy got moves.


New_York_state_museum_Wedding_028We had some wonderful speeches their siblings. They had the room in stitches.

New_York_state_museum_Wedding_029And a great moment with the parent dances.

New_York_state_museum_Wedding_030When the sun started to set we got some wild color put to the spinning style of Small Town Sound.

New_York_state_museum_Wedding_031Lots of dancing and celebration at this New York State Museum Wedding.



New_York_state_museum_Wedding_035But before the party was over we had to sneak outside to capture this amazing moon. Yes, that orange awesomeness in the sky was the “Super Moon” – pretty epic.

New_York_state_museum_Wedding_036Thank you so much for having YTK capture your Albany Wedding. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

Vendor Info:

Location Venue: NYS Museum
Officiant: Father Daniel Quinn
DJ / Band: Small Town Sound
Caterer: Nicole’s Catering
Flowers: Felthousen’s Florist and Greenhouse
MU and Hair: Complexions Salon and Spa

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