New Years Eve Wedding at The Otesaga

This was one celebration filled with so much laughter, so many tears and tons of confetti. I was so excited to hear all about this epic New Years Eve Wedding and knew it was going to be amazing because the Otesaga is simply stunning. Add in that lake with a bit of snow and you have a winter wedding of your dreams – not to mention the perfect couple. When Sarah came in to meet we sat down and started to chat a bit about her relationship with Mike and their ideal wedding day. She described him as wonderful, tender, dedicated and just so loving. I could feel her connection with him through her words. For their wedding they wanted something Romantic, Intimate and a BIG PARTY. So they picked the perfect place at the Otesaga which is so luxurious and intimate. Right before Sarah met Mike she had gone through some really difficult times but she pushed through with the love for her young son and the support of her amazing family. She was focused on being the best mother and wasn’t even looking for a relationship when she and Mike met. They had known each other from high school but hadn’t kept in touch after. As fate would have it they met up for a drink. On their first date they both walked way with this feeling that they couldn’t explain. They both had such affection and admiration for the other and they never though in a million years that their someone was someone they had already kinda known. As their blossomed so did that feeling and they quickly grew into more than a couple, they are a family. They have a relationship of respect, excitement, and pure happiness – they deserve every ounce of it. We are beyond excited to share in the celebration of their marriage. Loving Sarah’s Kate Spade Sparkle Heels!   How amazing is that smile? – Mike said the same thing during his vows and we just loved every second of it! Mom got a little teary and we just love those moments!   Stunning Bride Love this shot of Sarah getting her veil on before the first look! Take a breath right before she gets to see him. Mike loved the dress (and so do we!) Fantastic looking bridal party! The guys looked so slick in their tuxes And the ladies were stunning in their red dresses! We just love shooting at the Otesaga  That bride….  Lucas hugged his Mom all the way down the aisle! This Wedding Ceremony was so intimate and unique. First, Mike’s twin brother Jamie officiated the ceremony. His words were amazing. As family is so important to both Sarah and Mike, he decided that his words were not the only ones that should be heard that day and had coordinated with family members to tell their own success stories about their marriages. It was so exciting and moving.  We all were tearing up… Even little Lucas joined in the Ceremony. TIME TO CELEBRATE! The toasts were just as thoughtful as the Ceremony, filled with so many great stories. Yes, Sarah – it was a bug! :::::wink:::: The entire day we were hoping for some snow and just after dinner we got our flurries!  Our couple spent some good time on the dance floor And everyone had a Blast at the YTK Photobooth  The Count Down Starts…. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Thank you Sarah + Mike for having us celebrate with you on this amazing day! We wish you a Happy New Year and a life of amazing moments!

DJ: Nate from Conway Entertainment
Makeup & Hair: True Grace Makeup
Photography: YTK Photography, Katherine Wright + Nicole Nero, Assisted by Kim Britten
Videography: YTK Works, Jackie Kohler + Alex Fagan
Photo Booth: YTK Photography

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