Muir Woods Engagement Photos with Rinnie & Jay

When we got the email about Rinnie & Jay’s wedding we couldn’t be more excited! They are exactly what we adore in our couples -fun and full of adventure! San Francisco marks a special place for them as they got engaged there and it is the place they called home until last month. We were talking about the wedding and ideas for engagement photos when I told them how much I love Muir Woods! Rinnie got so excited and told me that she and Jay love Muir Woods as well – they hike there all the time. From that point it was a no brainier that we had to shoot their engagement photos at Muir Woods. Before our shoot, I was texting Rinnie about outfit ideas and I kept seeing this red dress in a sea of green. Wouldn’t you know it — she had this amazing little red dress already packed? You can’t fake perfection like that and those colors were stunning! We started inside the forest and worked our way up the mountain. When you hike to the top in good viability you can see all the way to the ocean. While I was in town we had a lot of rain – even at our shoot, we got some drizzle but as you will see it made fore some amazing images. I was so mesmerized by the marine layer that swallowed us up with mist and the tiniest drops of rain. We always love an adventure and traveling to San Fransisco was such a great one! This shoot was so them – romantic and playful and I love that we got to capture these images in a location that has so much meaning! Can’t wait to see you guys in September and until then #adventureon

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