London Couples Shoot with Rebecca & Jimmy

As photographers who capture connection and love I’d say that we are well seasoned and quickly approaching experts on the subject. We see that spark – that look – that feeling of excitement that starts in your belly and then burst into a million butterflies that zings through all of your nerves. We also see that moment when the world stops and it’s just the both of you- everything fades away including us and our cameras. It’s in that moment that we have trust and are able to capture memories like these. Walking into this shoot I wasn’t sure what exactly I was going to do but the moment that Jimmy started talking about Becca I knew. He loves her with such a genuine pules – it’s not just with his heart – it’s with his entire self and she just simply adores him.¬† I love this session because it shows the parallel of their connection – how they find calmness¬† in each other’s arms no matter where life takes them.¬† Camden_Couples_Shoot_001 Camden_Couples_Shoot_003 Camden_Couples_Shoot_004 Camden_Couples_Shoot_005 Camden_Couples_Shoot_006 Camden_Couples_Shoot_007 Camden_Couples_Shoot_008 Camden_Couples_Shoot_009 Camden_Couples_Shoot_010 Camden_Couples_Shoot_011 Camden_Couples_Shoot_012 Camden_Couples_Shoot_013 Camden_Couples_Shoot_014 Camden_Couples_Shoot_015

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