Classic Key Hall at Proctors Wedding with Melissa & Tom

Melissa and Tom celebrated their love with all of their friends and family with this super classy Key Hall wedding at Proctors and it was perfect! You know the couples where you can just tell that they are made fore each other? Yes, you guessed it – Melissa and Tom are certainly in that category. If we ever had a blackout we would want to be with them because they light up a room when they look at each other. Just check out the reactions to the first look and you will see exactly what we are talking about! We really lucked out with the weather as it was calling for rain all day but that didn’t stop us from getting some amazing bridal portraits in the stockade district in Schenectady (We know all the spots for great wedding portraits!) We loved the use of silvers, periwinkle, and creams as the wedding colors. Key Hall never looked better! The style was super classy and suited this classy couple perfectly. Friends and Family are very important to Melissa and Tom and it was so awesome to see those connections throughout the day. As far as traditions and intimate touches, we just LOVED that Tom used his grandfather’s wedding band as his own. At the reception we got to see the wild side of the guests where the Maid of Honor (Melissa’s Sister) and the Best Man (Tom’s Brother) switched outfits to give the crowd a shock! Not only was it shocking – it was hilarious and the first time that we ever had an outfit swap! It just was the perfect lead in to a killer reception and tons of dancing!

Key_Hall_Proctors_001 Key_Hall_Proctors_002 Key_Hall_Proctors_003 Key_Hall_Proctors_004 Key_Hall_Proctors_005 Key_Hall_Proctors_006 Key_Hall_Proctors_007This was such a great first look sequence!  Key_Hall_Proctors_008 Key_Hall_Proctors_009:::Jaw Drop……literally::: Key_Hall_Proctors_010 Key_Hall_Proctors_011 Key_Hall_Proctors_012 Key_Hall_Proctors_013The guys looked so dapper in their tuxes  Key_Hall_Proctors_014Ahhh! and we just love the ladies in those powdery periwinkle dresses Key_Hall_Proctors_015Since the both Tom and Melissa are so close with their siblings we had to get a good snap for them… Key_Hall_Proctors_016And we love this one with little brother! Key_Hall_Proctors_017 Key_Hall_Proctors_018 Key_Hall_Proctors_019 Key_Hall_Proctors_020 Key_Hall_Proctors_021 Key_Hall_Proctors_023 Key_Hall_Proctors_024 Key_Hall_Proctors_025 Key_Hall_Proctors_026 Key_Hall_Proctors_027 Key_Hall_Proctors_028 Key_Hall_Proctors_029 Key_Hall_Proctors_030 Key_Hall_Proctors_031Here is Grandma holding her husband’s wedding band that was given to Tom Key_Hall_Proctors_032Key Hall looked stunning for this classy wedding Key_Hall_Proctors_033 Key_Hall_Proctors_034 Key_Hall_Proctors_035 Key_Hall_Proctors_036And we have to grab the wedding date from the inside of the safe! Key_Hall_Proctors_037 Key_Hall_Proctors_038 Key_Hall_Proctors_039 Key_Hall_Proctors_040Here is that outfit swap we mentioned… Do you think that is his color?  Key_Hall_Proctors_041 Key_Hall_Proctors_042Melissa’s Sisters prepared a wedding day rap for their speech and the crowd loved it!  Key_Hall_Proctors_043 Key_Hall_Proctors_044 Key_Hall_Proctors_045 Key_Hall_Proctors_046 Key_Hall_Proctors_047

Thank you for having YTK capture your classic Key Hall Wedding – We wish you all a lifetime of happiness!

Venue:                 Key Hall Proctors
Catering:            Mazzone
Photography:    YTK Photography: Katherine Wright and Kim Clune
Videography:     YTK Works: Katherine Wright, Alex Fagan, and Jaclyn Kohler
DJ:                       Hollister Entertainment 


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