Jessica & Brendan’s Century House Wedding

We are so excited to introduce Jessica and Brendan to the YTK blog. They celebrated their beautiful wedding day at the Century House in Latham. Their style was classic romance with lots of vintage touches. Jessica looked beautiful in her vintage style lace gown and we just loved hints of red in her lips and flowers. Jess being quite the DIY bride, handcrafted the paper flowers out of music scores that were used with the fresh flower arrangements and  she hand carved the book centerpieces. Everything had such a personal touch. The feeling of love and family was amazing and we couldn’t me happier for this sweet couple.

Albany_Wedding_Photography_002 Albany_Wedding_Photography_003 Albany_Wedding_Photography_004 Albany_Wedding_Photography_005 Albany_Wedding_Photography_006 Albany_Wedding_Photography_007 Albany_Wedding_Photography_008 Albany_Wedding_Photography_009 Albany_Wedding_Photography_010 Albany_Wedding_Photography_011 Albany_Wedding_Photography_012 Albany_Wedding_Photography_013 Albany_Wedding_Photography_014 Albany_Wedding_Photography_015 Albany_Wedding_Photography_016 Albany_Wedding_Photography_018 Albany_Wedding_Photography_019 Albany_Wedding_Photography_021 Albany_Wedding_Photography_022 Albany_Wedding_Photography_023 Albany_Wedding_Photography_024 Albany_Wedding_Photography_025 Albany_Wedding_Photography_026 Albany_Wedding_Photography_017 Albany_Wedding_Photography_028 Albany_Wedding_Photography_029 Albany_Wedding_Photography_030We love this shot of Jess’ father walking her down the aisle! Albany_Wedding_Photography_031 Albany_Wedding_Photography_032 Albany_Wedding_Photography_033 Albany_Wedding_Photography_034 Albany_Wedding_Photography_035 Albany_Wedding_Photography_036 Albany_Wedding_Photography_037 Albany_Wedding_Photography_038 Albany_Wedding_Photography_039 Albany_Wedding_Photography_040 Albany_Wedding_Photography_041Bren’s Grandparents took the prize for the Anniversary Dance! His Grandmother was just so excited  ::::swoon moment::::: Albany_Wedding_Photography_042 Albany_Wedding_Photography_043 Albany_Wedding_Photography_044 Albany_Wedding_Photography_045 Albany_Wedding_Photography_046 Albany_Wedding_Photography_047 Albany_Wedding_Photography_048 Albany_Wedding_Photography_049 Albany_Wedding_Photography_050 Albany_Wedding_Photography_051Brendan got to play a special song at the reception and the crowd went wild! Albany_Wedding_Photography_052 Albany_Wedding_Photography_053 Albany_Wedding_Photography_054

Thank you so much for having YTK Capture your special day and we wish you a lifetime of happiness.  CREDITS

Venue: Century House, Latham

Photography:  YTK Photography | Katherine Wright, Jaclyn Kohler and Lynn Cable

Band: Soul Session

Flowers:  Petal Pusher in Burnt Hills

MU and Hair: Glamtastic

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