Jeff & Lia’s Edison Club Wedding

Five years ago Jeff and Lia met while attending Utica College where they had a somewhat comedic start. Jeff noticed Lia at school and asked her out. After their first date, Jeff followed up for a second date, but Lia who is quite a fan of naps and was 100% focused on her studies kept missing him stopping by. As Jeff is a journalist, I am not sure why he didn’t leave a note, but that is a question for me to ask some other time. Finally one day on campus they bumped into each other and fourteen months after their fist date, they finally had their second. After that they have been practically inseparable making it official on 10.2.15  as Mr. & Mrs. We are all just so glad that they did bump into one another because they are just the sweetest couple and so perfect for each other. I knew that when at one of our meetings, Lia said to me with tears in her eyes “Katherine, I just look at him and think how lucky am I that I get to marry this man.”. It was seriously the sweetest thing ever. They both love the outdoors and fall which is why the chose to have their wedding in Upstate NY at the Edison Club. We are still working our way to the full bloom of the fall foliage but I scouted out some spots for our photos, which worked out perfectly. We also were so lucky that we didn’t have rain as the forecast was calling for some drops all week. I think that luck is a theme with this couple. They are so lucky to have one another and so lucky to love each other as much as they do. Seriously, just look at how they look at each other. They are lucky to have amazing families, fantastic friends (we just adored the bridal party) and Jeff’s grandparents who are the quintessence of lasting love and romance. We feel so lucky to have spent this incredible day with them and to capture these beautiful memories!

Upstate_Fall_Wedding_002We just love this hiddent spot we found for our bridal portraits.Upstate_Fall_Wedding_003 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_004 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_005 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_006 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_007This series of black and whites are just stunning! Upstate_Fall_Wedding_008 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_009 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_010 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_011 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_012 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_013 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_014 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_015 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_016 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_017 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_018 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_019 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_020 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_021We just loved the socks with this wild floor! Mad print all the way.Upstate_Fall_Wedding_022 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_023The two girls in the background crying went to high school with Lia – we just love their reaction as much as Jeff’s Upstate_Fall_Wedding_024 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_025 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_026 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_027 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_028 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_029 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_030There is that look we were talking about… Upstate_Fall_Wedding_031and yes, Jeff continually wiped away his Bride’s happy tears. Upstate_Fall_Wedding_032 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_033 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_034A bit more on the artistic side, but we just love this image. Upstate_Fall_Wedding_035There is that pop of fall color! Upstate_Fall_Wedding_036 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_037 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_038 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_039 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_040 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_042 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_043 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_044 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_045 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_046 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_047Dana, Lia’s sister and maid of honor gave a wonderful toast that brought Lia to tears.Upstate_Fall_Wedding_048 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_049 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_050And we loved Seth’s short, sweet and witty toast! Upstate_Fall_Wedding_051 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_052More amazing tears for the Father/Daughter Dance.Upstate_Fall_Wedding_053 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_054And this is Jeff’s Grandparents Bea and Joe. They have been married for 60+ years. At the reception Joe requested a special song so he too could dance with his bride. He knew every word and sang most of the lyrics to her. It was nothing short of amazing to see this lasting love. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Upstate_Fall_Wedding_055This is what Joe sang to Be from The song My Prayer by The Platter:
“My prayer is to linger with you
At the end of the day in a dream that’s divine
My prayer is a rapture in blue
With the world far away and your lips close to mine”.
Upstate_Fall_Wedding_056Lia and her Mom also shared a special dance that was so wonderful! Upstate_Fall_Wedding_057DJ Hollister turned up the beat and heat with some great music. Upstate_Fall_Wedding_058 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_059 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_060 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_061 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_062 Upstate_Fall_Wedding_063

Jeff and Lia, it was our absolute pleasure and delight capturing your wedding day. Thank you so much for the privilege – we wish you both a lifetime of happiness.


Photography: YTK Photography: Katherine Wright and Alex Fagan

Venue & Catering: The Edison Club

Flowers: Flowers by Pesha

Makeup & Hair: Lipstick and Lashes

DJ: Hollister Entertainment


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