Jamie’s Saratoga Bat Mitzvah

Jamie had an amazing day celebrating with her friends and family at her Saratoga Bat Mitzvah! Our day started in the morning at Temple Siani where Jamie participated in all of the traditions for her Bat Mitzvah! Her loved ones couldn’t be any more proud of this fantastic young woman! Later that afternoon everyone headed over to the Saratoga Golf and Polo Club where the party was pumping all night! Guests enjoyed a beautiful room, great food, our epic photo booth and lots and lots of Dancing by our guys at SEH Entertainment! It was a magical night and we were so happy that we could be apart of making these memories! Congratulations Jamie!saratoga_bat_mitzvah_001 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_002 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_005 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_006 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_007 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_008 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_009 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_010 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_011 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_012 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_013 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_014 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_015 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_016 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_017 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_018 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_019 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_020 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_021 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_022 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_023 saratoga_bat_mitzvah_024 saratoga_bat_mitzvah__0026 saratoga_bat_mitzvah__0027 saratoga_bat_mitzvah__0028 saratoga_bat_mitzvah__0029 saratoga_bat_mitzvah__0030


Venue + Catering:    Saratoga Golf and Polo
Photography: Katherine of YTK Photography
Photo Booth: Kimberly of YTK Photography
DJ: Scott of  SEH Entertainment

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