Jajja’s Kids – Help us buy a home.

Today – I was able to take a shower, flush a toilet, and drink multiple bottles/glasses of water. In comparison to the global world (and looking at the current status of the communities that were hit with the wrath of the hurricanes) this is a luxury. I have a roof over my head, running water, access to food and health care. This is not the case for most humans in our world.

In Uganda, over 10,000 children are “orphans” and life on the streets – no parents, no caregivers and very few organizations who step in to help. Some children start this life on the streets as young as 4 or 5 years old. Just in perspective – it takes $17 to feed a child in Uganda for a month. Admittedly, I spent that on Coffee this week.

I am sharing this video to raise awareness for Jajja’s Kids – Uganda an organization who is progressively working to step in on this epidemic. This grassroots organization was started by my dear friend, Diane Heilbrunn Reiner of Latham NY. After a fateful trip to Uganda, Diane connected with Ronnie “The King of the Street Kids”. She was so inspired by his compassion and dedication to make a difference that she started what is now Jajja’s Kids.

This is an incredible story of hope and how WE ALL can make a difference for our global community. Think about your morning Latte and what that could do for a child who has nothing.

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