I’ll Marry You Under Our Tree at Dark 30

A wedding is a celebration – a representation of a couple and their life together. It’s the start of a new chapter. It is the warmth and excitement carried through family and friends. It is allowing yourself to be authentically “us” and sharing your connection with those closest to you.

We hear all the time this chatter about soulmates and this pair is a perfect example of what that means. Alex and Travis complement each other in this quite way. A way that you see in couples who have been together for decades. You can see it in the way that they are together – it’s that look of  just “knowing” and watching the world come together.

That is why this wedding was so perfect – Alex and Travis made it a true representation of “them” it was sprinkled with symbolic meaning. Travis is an arborist (Tree Guy) and they both love spending time together in the outdoors. That is how the tree became their theme. To play off this  Alex designed that old school initial “carved in a tree” as their logo which was adorable! In addition to those little details Alex’s family put on one of the best DIY wedding I have seen with so many homemade items including lots of sweet treats. Alex wanted to do something different for her wedding. She is a bit more on the shy side and didn’t love the idea of being so much in the spotlight. So while talking with her I suggested she do the ceremony later in the evening when it got a bit darker. That idea worked out amazingly because we flipped the cocktail hour so that it was first and then had the ceremony when the sun started to set.

It was fate that Alex and Travis would say their “I Do’s” under the tree because the very night that Travis proposed – Alex was steaming through images and found one of a night ceremony under a tree that she just fell in love with. Once we had decided on the dusk wedding all we had to do was pick a tree.

All of the factors (and many more) are reasons why this is such an amazing wedding. That and Alex just happens to also be part of the YTK family and one of my dearest friends. So you can imagine how emotional it was for us to watch one of our own walk down that aisle. Alex and Travis – I love you both so incredibly much and could not be happier for you!
dark_wedding_photography002 dark_wedding_photography003 dark_wedding_photography004 dark_wedding_photography005 dark_wedding_photography006 dark_wedding_photography007We had to hike back a bit to the spot I found for their first look… dark_wedding_photography008 dark_wedding_photography009Love their reactions at the first look! dark_wedding_photography010 dark_wedding_photography011 dark_wedding_photography012 dark_wedding_photography013 dark_wedding_photography014 dark_wedding_photography015 dark_wedding_photography016 dark_wedding_photography017Pretty obsessed with the lace design in Alex’s dress and those amazing rose gold hair pieces. dark_wedding_photography018 dark_wedding_photography019Another point of obsession – these amazing flowers – such an assortment of textures. dark_wedding_photography020 dark_wedding_photography021 dark_wedding_photography022 dark_wedding_photography023 dark_wedding_photography024 dark_wedding_photography025 dark_wedding_photography026 dark_wedding_photography027 dark_wedding_photography028 dark_wedding_photography029 dark_wedding_photography030 dark_wedding_photography031 dark_wedding_photography032 dark_wedding_photography033 dark_wedding_photography034 dark_wedding_photography035The flower girls carried lanterns with twinkle lights. dark_wedding_photography036 dark_wedding_photography037 dark_wedding_photography038 dark_wedding_photography039 dark_wedding_photography040 dark_wedding_photography041 dark_wedding_photography042 dark_wedding_photography043 dark_wedding_photography044 dark_wedding_photography045 dark_wedding_photography046 dark_wedding_photography047 dark_wedding_photography048 dark_wedding_photography049 dark_wedding_photography050 dark_wedding_photography051 dark_wedding_photography052 dark_wedding_photography053


Venue: Maybee Farms
Decorations and Coordination: Bride’s Mama – Cathie
Cake & Sweets: Jade & Sherri
Catering: Pies on Wheels
DJ: SEH Entertainment
Flowers: The Floral Garden
Photography: YTK Photography
Videography: YTK Works
Makeup and Hair: Blush 518

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