Love lifts us up….Boho Balloon Engagement

“Love is like a hot air balloon – it starts with igniting heat and expands to its maximum capacity. The world is filled with a flood of vibrant colors and everything is just more beautiful. Its work – as over time the heats needs to be kept going in order to keep everything afloat. Its about exploring as you rise to new heights and it is about trust – going for the adventure not knowing exactly where you will land – but knowing that the experience is where the magic lives.”

If you haven’t been to a balloon launch you totally have to go! There is nothing more exciting than watching these massive structures of fabric and color be filled with hot air and rise to new heights. It was quite a magical day at the Adirondack Balloon Festival with Nicole and Bob and we just LOVE every part about their story. Bob knew that he wanted to do something a little more over the top for his proposal to Nicole and so he chartered a hot air balloon ride complete with campaign and a surprise¬†entourage of their closest family and friends to celebrate after the balloon landed. Unfortunately on the proposal day, the wind was to high and they were not able to take off BUT they still have a balloon ride in their back pocket (more photos on that soon). For our shoot we wanted to do a mix of the Balloons, which are colorful and playful with some more natural portraits! I just love getting to plan out shoots like this because we come up with the BEST ideas! It was quite an adventure and just so awesome!


We even got to go inside a balloon for a few shots! 



How gorgeous is she!?!?! Gonna be a stunning bride!



Most ridiculous shot! BIG shout out to Kimmy B for this awesome image.





Just LOVE this image and it really goes with the quote we began our blog with!


Changing gears up a bit… we wanted to do some softer more natural images with that Boho Theme!


And of course a few shots with their boy!




Off to play in the woods and with that ridiculous light! 


Hands down an all time favorite here!





Venue: Adirondack Balloon Festival
Makeup and Hair: Beauty with Julie
Photography: Katherine Wright assisted by Kimberly Britten

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