I am so excited to introduce Miss Zoey who is the super gorgeous! Miss Z is one of the most lovable, snugly, happiest babies I have had the pleasure of working with.

I mean come on! How stinking cute is she? Ashley brought some wonderful outfits for our Holiday session.

Albany _Child_Photographer_YTK_Photography_AZB002

This shoot was one of the hardest I have had in a while – All I wanted to do was hold her!

Albany _Child_Photographer_YTK_Photography_AZB003

We had a cute snowflake background set up for her and I love that blue with her pink sweater!

Albany _Child_Photographer_YTK_Photography_AZB004

Look at those eyes!

Albany _Child_Photographer_YTK_Photography_AZB005

Albany _Child_Photographer_YTK_Photography_AZB006

We HAD to get at least one image with her and her beautiful momma! 

Albany _Child_Photographer_YTK_Photography_AZB007

That ear kills me ::::Grin::::

Albany _Child_Photographer_YTK_Photography_AZB008

Albany _Child_Photographer_YTK_Photography_AZB009

Here we were practicing standing!

Albany _Child_Photographer_YTK_Photography_AZB010

Albany _Child_Photographer_YTK_Photography_AZB011

It was a delight to see and play with Miss Zoey again.

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