Harry Potter Adventure in London

 This expedition although a mix of work and pleasure was simply a blast, but how can it not be when you are fulfilling life goals with your best friend – eh? Five years ago I was celebrating my bestie’s bday – Larissa aka Sunny. It was snowing outside, they had announced the 2012 Olympics to be set in London and the last Harry Potter Movie had been released earlier that summer. Now anyone who knows me knows that I am a quite (but admitted) Harry Potter nerd. Not the kind of fan that will buy the cheesy tee shirts and post memes but kind that knows the most obscure trivia, is in love with the movie scores, and collects the graphic design art. Larissa is equally obsessed with the HPWorld so, while celebrating on that snowy night Larissa and I chatted about how much we needed to go to London. In the meantime, a lot of life happened for us – new apartments, new zip codes (Larissa relocated to LA) and new loves – it wasn’t until 4 years later while having some oysters in a San Francisco that we made this thing official.

It was unbelievably amazing because J.K. Rowling’s play – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was just released in London a week before my arrival and not a whole lot had happened in the HPWorld in the interm. You may or may not know that anything Harry Potter requires a wait – long lines – or no access including tickets. True was the case for both the play and WB’s Studio tour. The studio tour is where you can view all of the amazing props and sets that were ACTUALLY used during the filming of the movies. Being the incredible friend that she is – Larissa surprised me with the undo able – tickets! So here is a little look into our Harry Potter Adventure complete with photo shoot of my girl!




One of the amazing exhibits that we visited had all of the graphic art on display and the entire floor was deigned as the Marauder’s Map!


My favorite scene from the Deathly Hallows Part II – The statues! ALSO my all time favorite piece of music from all of the movies.


These are mock-up designs of the Great Hall


Little details from Gryffindor’s common room – Including the ORIGINAL Fat Lady that was in the Sorcerer’s Stone. She was later replaced with another Fat Lady. Also Do you notice Neville’s Pet Plant a Mimbulus mimbletonia.


5 points to anyone who knows the password to Dumbledore’s Office.


My favorite character of all time … Snape!


Just love these designs and fabrication for the actual snitch!


::::UTHUM (in Dolores Umbridge voice) :::: Now then… That is a lot of pink –
Did you know that the costume designers made her costumes go from a lighter pink into a darker pink as she grew more powerful? 


This is the kind of Magic that I just love!
All of the potion labels, book covers and letters were each custom designed!




Now don’t get me wrong, I was really excited to get to see all of this amazing artwork that went into my favorite stories of all time – but nothing has ever made me more happy and a bigger HP nerd than this sign – so let me explain. In HP and the Half-Blood Prince (also my favorite movie) there is a scene in the very beginning of the movie where Dumbledore just appears by this sign – where it says Divine Magic. It makes my hair stand on end to see how clever and intentional mixing of the magical and non-magical world. It is my favorite scene in all of the films combined and to see it here was just AWWWEsome!


The actual Private Drive that was built for the set!



Also in our adventures Larissa and I went to the actual streets that Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley were based on!





Recognize those windows? If you are a nerd like me you would know that they are the inspiration for Ollivanders Wand shop!



A little BTS action while working with the awesome Stephen Karcher!


And… we had to do some photos at the play house!



Riss – I just love you and can not thank you for such a magical adventure! Until our next one!!!

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