Gatsby Style Wedding // Ten Broeck Mansion // Albany NY

I have a very special blog for you today featuring the beautiful and historic Ten Broeck Mansion in Albany, NY. This federal-style home was built in 1797-98 for General Abraham and his wife, Elizabeth Van Rensselaer. Now it is home and headquarters of the Albany County Historical Association, (ACHA) an organization that helps preserve the history and heritage of the Capital Region. The Ten Broeck Mansion operates as a  “Historic House Museum” that is absolutely exquisite with decadent décor and gorgeous gardens.

In addition to the museum and educational programs the TBM is available for private events including galas and weddings. Last year, I was commissioned to shoot a promo at the TBM for their Gala Event (a burlesque show that got some press). In speaking about additional promotion with the Assistant Director, Jillian Altenburg, we talked about the need for some photographs to help promote the Mansion as a Wedding Venue, and thus we created this Gatsby themed shoot.

Tomorrow, September 21, 2013 The Ten Broeck Mansion will be hosting their second annual Burlesque Gala with the talents of Charmed and Dangerous. We invite you to come view this exquisite house, enjoy a glass of wine in the gardens and be entertained by some of the most beautiful women in the Capital Region!


Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy002 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy003 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy004

These brilliant berry tarts are from Sweet Sues. I just love how they complement the organic flower arrangement from Native Farm Flowers – You can find both at the Troy Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.


I was delighted to pick up some awesome accessories from Anchor No. 5 Boutique. This headpiece was created by Tara Holmes of Tiane Novati. It was beyond perfection for this shoot!

Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy006 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy007

There are so many details in the Mansion – I could photograph here for days!

Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy008 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy009 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy010

I Just LOVE this amazing custom Belt from Tiane Novati

Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy011 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy012 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy013 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy014 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy015 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy016 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy017

Another amazing metal headpiece with vintage hair combs from Tiane Novati


And now out to the formal Gardens….


I love the romance and mood of this image.


Among the dozens of flowers, The Ten Broeck Mansion also has an arbor covered in grapes! The light was so soft and beautiful and I adore Lynnae’s smile and gesture here.

Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy021 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy022 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy023 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy024 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy025

Along the garden pathway, the trees create this magnificent natural archway. It works so well in photographs!


I had to throw some images in sepia to complete that vintage look!

Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy028 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy029 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy030 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy031 Ten_Broeck_Mansion_YTK_Photogrpahy032

It was so wonderful to work with the Ten Broeck Mansion again. It is truly a stunning location! I am looking forward to shooting here again!

A BIG thank you to our beautiful models Lynnae and Danny, Petra of Anchor Boutique for supplying the glamorous accessories created by Tara Holmes of Tiane Novati, and to Jillian at the Ten Broeck Mansion for coordination and assistance.

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