Fort Orange Club Wedding with Jackie & Mike

I cannot say enough amazing things about Jackie and Mike’s wedding at The Fort Orange Club in Albany, NY. The entire day was filled with family, friends, beautiful details and a wonderfully happy couple. Our adventure began months ago via email when Jackie sent me a photo of her wedding dress and I KNEW instantly that we were bride-photographer meant to be! The dress was absolutely stunning, perfectly timeless and classy and oh so Jackie. I have no doubt that Mike loved it just as much as I did! Another crazy amazing detail of their wedding day is that Jackie’s Godmother, Bernadette of The River Garden Farm grew and crafted all of the wedding bouquets. To say that I was obsessed with that bouquet would be the understatement of the year! Take a look (or five looks) at them, trust me, you’ll be glad you did! Lastly, one of my favorite details about Mike is that he dips Jackie all of the time, it is their thing; to cheer her up, to be silly, to celebrate… and I LOVED that they ended their first dance on that note. Perfection!
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 Photography: YTK Photography by Nicole Nero

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