I always keep myself open for creative projects – taking note of people to be potential models and unique locations. I can pluck ideas out of the air like many pick apples at an orchard in October. Just tonight at dinner, I couldn’t resist photographing the table that looked like it was welded of rusted copper and gold. It’s amazing and you can bet that it will show up in a composite piece in the near future. But before we get whisked away on our next adventure let’s talk about this one.
Deanna, our lovely model, was really interested in doing a shoot with me. She wanted something natural and beautiful. When left to my own creative devices, I pull directly from the mythic, historic and ethereal sources. For this shoot I teamed up with Nicole Nero, a fabulous photographer with a fantastic eye. We chatted about locations and the overall feel of the day. I suggested that we shoot at Minnewaska State Park, which is nothing short of amazing (minus the flat tire we got on the way home). We hiked into the park and found this amazing view with the lake nestled right on top of the mountains – it is so stunning. Combine that scene with creative collaborative energy, a gorgeous model, an amazing dress and *Poof* you have yourself all that you need for a fabulous Fashion Flair Shoot. Make sure check out the the link to the film feature at the end of the post.

This first shot was my absolute favorite of the entire day. Ethereal. Mythical & Beautiful.

YTK_Photography_Deanna__0024 Nicole created this stunning black and white portrait. I just love Deanna’s soft mood and expression. YTK_Photography_Deanna_005 YTK_Photography_Deanna_006We had some incredible light… This image makes my heart hurt. YTK_Photography_Deanna_007 YTK_Photography_Deanna_008 YTK_Photography_Deanna_009One of my favorite pastimes is vintage photography and working with Digital Alternative Processes – I love getting caught up in making modern captures look and feel like they were from another era. This little set is a great example. YTK_Photography_Deanna_010 YTK_Photography_Deanna_011 YTK_Photography_Deanna_012

YTK_Photography_Deanna_013 Some of these I don’t even have words…  YTK_Photography_Deanna_016 YTK_Photography_Deanna_017As we were finishing up our shoot Nicole caught this bit of sunset spilling through the trees – I told you she has an amazing eye.

This is a link to the little film facet that I shot on the day along with the stills. Film is a journey that I have been so excited about taking and still have SO MUCH TO LEARN! I am amazed at the capabilities of these cameras and love that I can move fluidly back and forth from film to stills. The other part that I find amazing is the quality and how you can capture movement and light. It is quite poetic. I am so energized and have a million new projects in mind!

Deanna Video



YTK Tech Specs: Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 24-70 mm 2.8; 50 mm 1.2; 135 mm 2.0; and 14 mm 3.5  for both film and stills!

Collaborative Photographic Genius: Nicole Nero
Model: Deanna De Goddess
Dress: Dream Shoot Rentals
MU & Hair:  Styled by the Model
Styling:  YTK Photography

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