We are T – ONE Month (to the day) until this fun couple’s BIG DAY. I can’t wait for this couple to tie the knot. A few weeks ago, our Bride contacted me and wanted to do another shoot in summer with a different background.  We selected my stomping grounds and had a wonderful time in Troy with great treads and gorgeous golden light!YTK_MLBC_Engagement001 YTK_MLBC_Engagement002 YTK_MLBC_Engagement003 YTK_MLBC_Engagement004 YTK_MLBC_Engagement005 YTK_MLBC_Engagement006 YTK_MLBC_Engagement007 YTK_MLBC_Engagement008 YTK_MLBC_Engagement009 YTK_MLBC_Engagement010 YTK_MLBC_Engagement011 YTK_MLBC_Engagement012 YTK_MLBC_Engagement013 YTK_MLBC_Engagement014 YTK_MLBC_Engagement015 YTK_MLBC_Engagement016

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