Dramatic + Drizzly Wedding Videography

This wedding was so special because Nicole and Bob are like YTK Family! We have had such a blast capturing them at their Engagement shoot, and for our special little photo and film project earlier this spring. Plus, they have a really great love story which as you know…we eat up! When Nicole and Bob first met, Bob grabbed her heart with the cheesiest of pickup lines- “I will be your thunderbolt” (Nicole was wearing lighting earrings haha!)  At first, they kept their relationship quiet from their friends and family and dated on the down low because both of them felt that they had such a connection- they didn’t want to jinx it! Finally they did tell their nearest and dearest and everyone was beyond excited for them. As their relationship progressed they got to welcome the most exciting addition to their family – their adorable son Parker. They were so content with their life when Bob threw Nicole for an exciting loop – he proposed. Bob set up the most elaborate engagement where he planned to take Nicole up on a hot air balloon. Now, let me just insert a little pit of fate in here – Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating so Bob was not able to take Nicole up in the balloon, but he still got down on one knee and asked her to be his forever love and bride. :::::Siiiiiiighhhh:::::: So this explains our epic balloon engagement shoot and the balloons that we captured at their wedding! Now… Another note about weather and fate…. Bob told Nicole – that he would always be her thunderbolt…. Thunder means storms and storms mean rain so guess what this couple got on their wedding day… Yep! You guessed it- a storm. Now, for some people rain can be a bit of a bummer but not for this super adventurous couple. For Bob and Nicole this meant some super romantic, dramatic and unique images! They booked the Takk House (our favvvvvs) for their getting ready spot and it was just perfect! We got to play in the rain and take the bridal party to an epic location for some additional portraits. They had an A-List team of wedding vendors and we just LOVED getting to spend the day with Nicole’s, Flower Scout, Super Fly Sounds, and Danielle and Julie from Beauty by Julie. PLUS Nicole’s Dress was to die for and came from one of our favorite dress shops: Ferri Formals! 
The day was filled with laughter, celebration and some perfect tears! I couldn’t love this couple any more and can’t wait for our next adventure with them!

Venue:        Pat’s Barn
Catering:    Nicole’s
DJ:        Super FLY Sounds
Flowers:    Flower Scout
Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright and Jaclyn Kohler
Videography: YTK Photography + Film by Alex Fagan, Jessica Fleurent and Katherine Wright
Dress Store:    Ferri Formals
Dress Designer: Lilian West
Suits:   Tuxego 
Hair:        Danielle from Salon X
Makeup:     Beauty by Julie

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