David + Lexi’s Schenectady Wedding

This was such a super sweet love story and I am just so happy that I got to capture it for Lexi and Dave. They grew up on the same block just three housed down the street from each other. Since Lexi is super out going and Dave is really shy it took years for them for officially meet. One day on the bus ride home Lexi deiced to start up a conversation from there they started walking from the bus stop together. They quickly became friends and even went to Junior prom together. Dave had always had a crush on Lexi but she at that point really only saw them as friends. Boyfriends and Girlfriends would enter the picture and they drifted apart. Later in college, Dave sent Lexi a message out of the blue – saying “Hello Beautiful”. At this point they both were single and Lexi still just thought of Dave as a good friend. A few weeks later they reconnected and became inseparable. Lexi found herself falling in love with David and after three months she said “I am certain I will marry you.” They were only 18 at the time but through the years their love has grown into the amazing relationship they have today. It was so wonderful to capture this story and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!   


Venue: Elks Lodge Rotterdam
DJ: Sean Reid
Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright
MU + Hair: Francesca Digregorio
Dress Designer:
Dress Store: Ferri Formals
Shoe: Comfort Plus – Payless

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