Dark and Stormy Engagement Shoot with Alex + Travis

This is a big year for me. Two incredibly important people in my life are getting married. My little brother and Alex. Alex and I met some 7 years ago when she applied for an internship – she was my first intern ever and quickly became family. When you get to know me, you learn quickly that I am a big mama bear and I have a lot of “kids”. This girl was one of the first.  So you can imagine how high the stakes are for my approval when it comes to her significant other. I was nervous about meeting Travis. Alex had never introduced me to a boyfriend so I knew Travis was different and I had no idea what to expect.  Would he be good enough? Would he treat her right? Would he take care of her and give her the independence and support she needs?… All the normal questions that moms ask when it comes to our kids. Regardless of the answers… I would  kill him if he hurt her and was prepared for that “chat” at any point. I have never had to have that “chat” Travis because I have loved this man since first time I met him. Not only is he genuine, honest, compassionate and beyond funny, he loves Alex with a dedication and connection that comes from the very center of his being. We hear all the time this chatter about soulmates and this pair is a perfect example of what that means. They complement each other in this quite way. A way that you see in couples who have been together for decades. I also love that their style is a bit on the more serious and dark side, which was perfect for our dark and stormy weather during their shoot. As a portrait photographer, I focus on finding the essence and truth of my subjects and it was such an honor to capture these stunning engagement photos of such an incredible couple.

















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