Beautiful Burlap and Beams Wedding with Kate & Chris

Kate and Chris have an incredible story that I’m so excited to share with you. We were lucky enough to watch it unfold and come together in such beautiful way on their wedding day! They were introduced by Chris’ co-worker and Kate’s neighbor, Janet and her husband Doug. Janet thought they’d be a great match and asked each of the separately if they’d like to meet and as luck would have it, they both, a bit nervously, agreed (thank goodness!). A blind date followed and Kate waited in front of Ben & Jerry’s in Saratoga and waited for a guy named Chris to show up and the rest is history! Chris was initially a bit wary when Kate ordered a salad for dinner, but was quickly sold when she ordered a good beer and was seemingly more interested in the Yankee game on the TV behind him than their date (hey, it was a playoff game, you can’t blame her!). The date was obviously a success and they’ve spent the past 3.5 years going on many adventures together, the biggest of which was adopting their pup Callie. She’s taught them so much about teamwork and becoming a family even before the “big question” even came up, which happened on another adventure of theirs. They’d been planning to start hiking the ADK 46er’s together and after a busy summer, decided they could get one in before fall, and they decided on Cascade Mountain. On top of that very mountain, their first peak together, that is where Chris proposed. Kate was shocked after months of ‘this could be it’ moments, that the real “this is it!” moment had finally arrived! Wedding planning ensued and they created a gorgeous day that began with getting ready at the Merrill Magee Inn, doing a first look with both Kate’s Dad and Chris, the super sweet pup Callie making a debut, and an awesome evening at Burlap and Beams for their ceremony, which included a wine box with letters to each other that they’ll open as they drink that bottle of wine on their first anniversary, and a fun reception complete with a quick thunder storm and beautiful sunset – it was an awesome celebration of a phenomenal couple!
Burlap_and_Beams_002 Burlap_and_Beams_003 Burlap_and_Beams_004 Burlap_and_Beams_005We love Kate’s shoes! Something blue with a pop of bling! Burlap_and_Beams_006 Burlap_and_Beams_007 Burlap_and_Beams_008 Burlap_and_Beams_009The guys looked great in their grey suits. Burlap_and_Beams_010 Burlap_and_Beams_011 Burlap_and_Beams_012 Burlap_and_Beams_013 Burlap_and_Beams_014First look time with Dad – we also loved the reactions of her girls! Burlap_and_Beams_015 Burlap_and_Beams_016 Burlap_and_Beams_017 Burlap_and_Beams_018 Burlap_and_Beams_019Some puppy love is always the best on the wedding day! Burlap_and_Beams_020 Burlap_and_Beams_021This burlap and beams wedding was just spectacular! Burlap_and_Beams_022We loved all the custom details and design. Burlap_and_Beams_023It was the perfect rustic wedding! Burlap_and_Beams_024 Burlap_and_Beams_025 Burlap_and_Beams_026 Burlap_and_Beams_027 Burlap_and_Beams_028 Burlap_and_Beams_029 Burlap_and_Beams_030 Burlap_and_Beams_031 Burlap_and_Beams_032That moment right before the ceremony.  Burlap_and_Beams_033 Burlap_and_Beams_034 Burlap_and_Beams_035 Burlap_and_Beams_036 Burlap_and_Beams_037 Burlap_and_Beams_038 Burlap_and_Beams_039 Burlap_and_Beams_040 Burlap_and_Beams_041We just love real moments like this! Burlap_and_Beams_042 Burlap_and_Beams_043 Burlap_and_Beams_044 This is Janet and her husband Doug, the couple who introduced Kate & Chris, and we are so glad that they did!Burlap_and_Beams_045 Burlap_and_Beams_046 Burlap_and_Beams_047 Burlap_and_Beams_048 Burlap_and_Beams_049 Burlap_and_Beams_050 Burlap_and_Beams_051 Burlap_and_Beams_052 Burlap_and_Beams_053 Burlap_and_Beams_054 Burlap_and_Beams_055 Burlap_and_Beams_056 Burlap_and_Beams_057 Burlap_and_Beams_058 Burlap_and_Beams_059 Burlap_and_Beams_060 Burlap_and_Beams_061 Burlap_and_Beams_062 Burlap_and_Beams_063


Rustic Wedding Photography: YTK Photography by: Nicole Nero and Kim Clune
Flowers: Rebecca’s florist for bouquets, etc.
Centerpieces: My mom, sister in law, and I
Make up and hair: Lipstick ‘n Lashes
DJ: Greg Frasier

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