Beautiful Birch Hill Wedding

The Love Story: Jackie Biernacki – Has a ring to it right? We all think so and couldn’t be any happier for this fantastic and fun filled couple. This wedding has been years in the making. Jackie and Nick first met through one of Jackie’s closest friends and Nick’s younger brother, Mitchell. Through parties, cook outs, music festivals and other social shenanigans, Jackie and Nick started seeing each other and it was clear where this relationship was heading. [Jackie] Griffin, Jackie’s best friend, maid of honor, YTK Bride, and “wife” would NEVER give her up to just anyone and Nick really had to work for her acceptance and approval. He did get her blessing along with Jackie’s father, mother and brother. This whole crew is such a tight knit group of family and friends.

The Style: The theme of this wedding is celebration and party down is exactly what they where there to do. This is why Birch Hill was the perfect spot to host a big olde back yard style celebration. Event the rain didn’t stop us! The pavilion prided the perfect coverage from that drizzle! For months Jackie had been planning to surprise ICE Nick and the groomsmen BUT, a few days before the wedding Nick decided that he would play the same prank on the guys. This didn’t phase Jackie at all. She was going to get them one way or another so she changed her plans and decided that she wold ice them IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CEREMONY. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with what being Iced is, it is where you are presented with or find a Smirnoff Ice. At house parties, hosts will hide them in chip bags in couch cushions, and so on or people will wrap them up in gifts. The way it works is when you get Iced, you have to take a knee and chug the entire bottle. So in the most epic of events – Jackie Iced the guys and it was SO funny.

I had such a great time capturing the crew and wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

The Grounds at Birch Hill are fab for photos!

Day Dream Hunter created these custom boutineers

I love the something blue was her chunky heels

The Beauty with Julie squad ready to glam up the girls!

This sequence has us in stitches! Have you ever tired to open a bottle of champagne? Who feels like this?!

Love this shot!

Rain wont scare us out of a great first look!

The best friend and now Brother-in-law!

These girls LOST their mind when Jackie walked down the aisle. 

and I love SO much that they had their dear friend Greg officiate. 

Ice Ice baby…

We love a dress that flows like this!

Time for the rounds!

Taking a breather after that sprint haha!

Griffin giving her MOH, Wifey Tost


Venue + Catering: Birch Hill
DJ: Nick Maddalone Enertainment
Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright
Bride’s Bouquet: Flower Scout 
Other Flowers: Bridal Party
Designs: Day Dream Hunter
Makeup/ Hair: Beauty with Julie
Dress Store: Something Bleu
Dress Designer: Watters – Wtoo
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

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