Brown’s Brewing Engagement with Jackie + Nick

For the past 3+ years I have been waiting for this blog. My dear friend Jackie is one of my favorite people – she lights up the room, brings so much laughter to every conversation and is a blast. Nick is so super sweet (a bit on the quiet side) but that is what makes this pair so perfect for each other. They each complement the other and are the best of friends. We were all wondering FOR YEARS when Nick was going to pop the question – and he finally did this past winter on a trip to Florida to visit with Jackie’s family. Everyone is so excited for this couple and for their epic wedding in May! It was an honor for me to get to capture them as they really are – the mushy moments and all the goofing off in-between!

so this is them folks – lots of playful smiles, laughter and lighthearted fun….

It is so great when best friends fall in love!

Yep – this is SO them!


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