Botanical Bliss

“The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. The curves of your lips rewrite history.” – Oscar Wilde

This is a story of patience, time and how love wins.
 I think that all of us worry at some point that we might not ever find “the one.” Humans all want to connect with a partner, but in the meantime it can be pretty lonely and dark – trying to picture your life but having no way to really imagine who, or how or when. That was the start for William and Matthew. These two incredible men lived states apart and both of them had pretty much given up on love. But fate had a different plan when their paths crossed – everything clicked into place and they just knew that they had found their other half. William even quit his job and moved from Chicago to be with Matthew. Through their years of dating their love grew even deeper and they both knew that they wanted to spend their life together. The night that William proposed to Matthew they had been out celebrating and he got down on one knee and asked Matthew to be his husband. The next morning when they woke up – he asked again “Will you marry me.” Now, that has become their thing -a way of saying I love you- and each day (and sometime multiple times a day) they ask each other to marry them. Their wedding was quiet and intimate with just family and their inner circle of friends. They chose the botanical gardens because they wanted something beautiful but a little wild (like their love for each other). It was an emotional and amazing day. Thank you for asking YTK to capture you love story. We wish you both a lifetime of happiness.


Venue: Highland Park Botanical Gardens, Rochester NY
Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright
Videography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright and Alex Fagan
Reception: Tournedos
Cake: Sinful Sweets

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