Botanical Bliss

A few days ago I got a message that stopped my heart…

One of my grooms, who just got married in October, was in the hospital. William had suffered from a stroke, which is shocking. Thankfully, he is now home with Matthew and recovering well. As you can imagine, the whole experience was super stressful for them. To send them a little cheer, I bumped their wedding film to the top of my list and worked away at getting it to them ASAP. They didn’t know that it was coming so soon, but I knew that being able to be reminded of this day and hearing Jerri’s words of wisdom would matter so much.

I often talk about how important time is and the moments that we have with our loved ones. Growing up in a medical family, every day I heard about situations like this. It is one of the reasons why being able to capture times like this is SO SO important to me. Not joking – I sit at my desk and sob sometimes, knowing just how special these treasures are.

You never know what might happen, so take a second to celebrate just being with the ones you love. Put down the phone, hold hands, notice the how deep the color of someone’s eyes are or the shape of their mouth. Connect and dwell in the gift that is now. – I love you all.


Venue: Highland Park Botanical Gardens, Rochester NY
Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright
Videography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright and Alex Fagan
Reception: Tournedos
Cake: Sinful Sweets

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