Stunning State Room Wedding Video

                                                                  You know that feeling on Christmas Morning where your heart is bursting with excitement? That is how I feel about this wedding. Kristina and Dan are two of the sweetest people and I am over the moon with their wedding images. These love birds met at a wedding and there were instant sparks (although Dan would tell you that Kristina ignored him for the first part of the wedding). They started chatting and that conversation never stopped. They quickly fell in love and became inseparable. Later, Kristina took a leap of faith and moved out to Oklahoma, where Dan is doing his residency. We love that this sweetheart of a guy is in cardiology, totally fitting right? During their time together Dan came to ask Kristina to be his bride and we had an absolute blast capturing their love story at one of our FAVorite venues – The State Room. Kristina wanted a classy low-key elegant wedding and boy did she deliver. Every detail was stunning and we loved being a part of this incredible day!  



Ceremony Venue: Cathedral of Immaculate Conception
Reception Venue: State Room Albany
Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright and
Jennifer Mores
Videography: YTK Photography + Film by Alex Fagan, Sabrina Nastasi and Katherine Wright
DJ: Cool Cat
MU: Erin Marzilli + Leah Francesca
Hair: Samantha Hualla
Dress Designer: Paloma Blanca
Dress Store: Angela’s Bridal
Shoe: Kate Spade
Flowers: Ambiance Floral

Dramatic + Drizzly Wedding Videography

This wedding was so special because Nicole and Bob are like YTK Family! We have had such a blast capturing them at their Engagement shoot, and for our special little photo and film project earlier this spring. Plus, they have a really great love story which as you know…we eat up! When Nicole and Bob first met, Bob grabbed her heart with the cheesiest of pickup lines- “I will be your thunderbolt” (Nicole was wearing lighting earrings haha!)  At first, they kept their relationship quiet from their friends and family and dated on the down low because both of them felt that they had such a connection- they didn’t want to jinx it! Finally they did tell their nearest and dearest and everyone was beyond excited for them. As their relationship progressed they got to welcome the most exciting addition to their family – their adorable son Parker. They were so content with their life when Bob threw Nicole for an exciting loop – he proposed. Bob set up the most elaborate engagement where he planned to take Nicole up on a hot air balloon. Now, let me just insert a little pit of fate in here – Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating so Bob was not able to take Nicole up in the balloon, but he still got down on one knee and asked her to be his forever love and bride. :::::Siiiiiiighhhh:::::: So this explains our epic balloon engagement shoot and the balloons that we captured at their wedding! Now… Another note about weather and fate…. Bob told Nicole – that he would always be her thunderbolt…. Thunder means storms and storms mean rain so guess what this couple got on their wedding day… Yep! You guessed it- a storm. Now, for some people rain can be a bit of a bummer but not for this super adventurous couple. For Bob and Nicole this meant some super romantic, dramatic and unique images! They booked the Takk House (our favvvvvs) for their getting ready spot and it was just perfect! We got to play in the rain and take the bridal party to an epic location for some additional portraits. They had an A-List team of wedding vendors and we just LOVED getting to spend the day with Nicole’s, Flower Scout, Super Fly Sounds, and Danielle and Julie from Beauty by Julie. PLUS Nicole’s Dress was to die for and came from one of our favorite dress shops: Ferri Formals! 
The day was filled with laughter, celebration and some perfect tears! I couldn’t love this couple any more and can’t wait for our next adventure with them!

Venue:        Pat’s Barn
Catering:    Nicole’s
DJ:        Super FLY Sounds
Flowers:    Flower Scout
Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright and Jaclyn Kohler
Videography: YTK Photography + Film by Alex Fagan, Jessica Fleurent and Katherine Wright
Dress Store:    Ferri Formals
Dress Designer: Lilian West
Suits:   Tuxego 
Hair:        Danielle from Salon X
Makeup:     Beauty by Julie

Mary + William’s Holiday Wedding at Franklin Plaza

For most, the holidays are centered around friends and family. There is celebration and most importantly, the opportunity to spend time together. This is exactly what Mary + William wanted for their own wedding, which was very family focused. Mary’s brother Matthew was their officiant and both William and Mary’s people of honor were their siblings. They are a super tight-knit bunch and it was so wonderful to watch them celebrate together. Now this wedding was no surprise to anyone as these two love birds have been together for eight years. Mary’s Dad tells the story so sweetly – “The first time Mary saw Will was through the net at the batting cages and that was it.” And that was it. Since that moment these two have been together and are the best of friends. Franklin Plaza was stunning with all of their Holiday decorations and was filled with all the people that they love most. While William is generally a bit quiet and shy, he was such a great sport about taking portraits (which are stunning!). The whole night was flooded with emotions, from tears to huge outbursts of laughter. Everyone had a fantastic time celebrating these sweethearts and we could not be happier for them! Thank you for having us capture these moments and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!



Venue: Franklin Plaza
DJ: Non-Stop Music by Vinny Vin
Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright and Kim Britten
Videography: YTK Photography + Film by Alex Fagan, Jessica Fleurent and Katherine Wright
MU + Hair: Platinum Studio – Halfmoon
Dress Designer: Pronovias NYC
Shoe: Vince Camuto
Flowers: Renaissance Floral

Botanical Bliss

A few days ago I got a message that stopped my heart…

One of my grooms, who just got married in October, was in the hospital. William had suffered from a stroke, which is shocking. Thankfully, he is now home with Matthew and recovering well. As you can imagine, the whole experience was super stressful for them. To send them a little cheer, I bumped their wedding film to the top of my list and worked away at getting it to them ASAP. They didn’t know that it was coming so soon, but I knew that being able to be reminded of this day and hearing Jerri’s words of wisdom would matter so much.

I often talk about how important time is and the moments that we have with our loved ones. Growing up in a medical family, every day I heard about situations like this. It is one of the reasons why being able to capture times like this is SO SO important to me. Not joking – I sit at my desk and sob sometimes, knowing just how special these treasures are.

You never know what might happen, so take a second to celebrate just being with the ones you love. Put down the phone, hold hands, notice the how deep the color of someone’s eyes are or the shape of their mouth. Connect and dwell in the gift that is now. – I love you all.


Venue: Highland Park Botanical Gardens, Rochester NY
Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright
Videography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright and Alex Fagan
Reception: Tournedos
Cake: Sinful Sweets

NYC Rooftop Engagement

This was their spot.
The rooftop with that perfect view.
On the corner of 20 E and 35th Street, they spent the beginning of their relationship together.
In a city that is so full of hustle – this is where they started to slow down.

And fall deeper and deeper in love.

Kendra + Steve’s Rustic Romance

When Kendra and Steve talk about their relationship, the way that they describe it is “belonging”. It’s that simple and that powerful. When you look at them together, you just know that they belong. Being romantics, we were just swooning all day at how much these two adore each other. Plus, Steve is a MAJOR romantic and there isn’t anything better than a super mushy groom!

For their wedding, they wanted something romantic, intimate and a bit on the rustic side. Pat’s Barn was just the perfect place for this vibe. The day was started off with Steve’s romantic ways, by gifting his bride a beautiful book, where he collected pictures of them from over the years and even included a long letter telling her how happy and honored he was to have her as his bride. That excitement ran throughout the day and was their warmth when we bravely ventured out into the cold for some portraits! Kendra and Steve are the sweetest, most loving people and it was our pleasure to get to spend their wedding day with them! We wish you both a lifetime of happiness!



Catering: Nicole’s
Flowers: Casteo’s
Dress Store: Julie Allen Bridal, CT
Dress Designer: Allure
Shoes: Sophia Webster

Peter and Nan’s Lakota Farm Wedding

Peter and Nan wanted to create a beautiful and warm experience for their guests at their wedding with just a hit of adventure. They both dreamed of having a wedding in the fall when the world is painted with vibrant colors. When they visited Lakota Farms they knew that it was the perfect place for their big day and everyone would enjoy the gorgeous grounds, fabulous fall foliage, rolling hills and a sea of fields all golden in the autumn light. Kimberly, who owns and operates the farm is the perfect hostess, making everyone feel so welcome! This warmth brought the southern hospitality to upstate NY, giving a nod to Nan and her family as she was brought up in Alabama! As a girl, Nan spent most of her childhood on horseback, yet another reason why Lakota Farms was just the perfect spot for the start of her marriage to Peter.

The day was perfect – just the right amount of warm with the air filled with spices by our great friend Brandon from Hudson Valley BBQ. Pops of the fall colors were carried through the florals by Samantha Nass and the ladies were beautified by our fab friends at Blush 518! And… Can we just talk about Nan’s shoes? We are so obsessed with her choice of Denim Christian Louboutins which were the perfect amount of rustic romance! We loved being part of this amazing wedding and wish you both a lifetime of happiness!

Venue: Wedding Barn at Lakotas Farm
Catering: Hudson Valley BBQ
Cake: Cakes by Alissa
Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright and Jessica Fleurent
DJ: Scratch
Guitar: Don Debold
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Flowers: Samantha Nass
Makeup: Blush 518 by Amy (who is amazing!!!!)
Rentals: Fine Affairs
Transportation: Adirondack Trailways

Danna + Jack’s Lucas Confectionery Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing this intimate and special day for Danna and Jack. We love getting to shoot in our own backyard and everything about this wedding held some of the magic that Troy has to offer to the wedding industry. Lucas Confectionery is such an awesome space that Danna and Jack love to frequent, so it was an easy choice for them to make for their venue. The food from Peck’s Arcade is incredible and the atmosphere all over the confectionery is just gorgeous.

The vision for their perfect day was to keep things intimate for the wedding traditions and follow everything with a night out, having friends join them all later in the evening. I was able to spend a few hours with them to capture a really sweet, tear-filled ceremony in The Garden and then we took a nice stroll around the block to grab some beautiful newlywed shots. They were then able to join their guests for celebratory cocktails in The Tavern, followed by a fantastic dinner being surrounded by their families in The Library. It was such a wonderful day to capture and see their vision come to life perfectly!

Danna + Jack, we wish you a lifetime of love, laughter and endless trivia nights! Thank you for having YTK be a part of your day!








Photography: YTK Photography + Film | Jess Fleurent

Venue: Lucas Confectionery

Catering: Peck’s Arcade

Dress: Ivy & Ast from A Love Story Bridal

Floral: Forage + Sundry

Hair: Stephanie | Karma Hair Studio

Makeup: Meghan Kearns



David + Lexi’s Schenectady Wedding

This was such a super sweet love story and I am just so happy that I got to capture it for Lexi and Dave. They grew up on the same block just three housed down the street from each other. Since Lexi is super out going and Dave is really shy it took years for them for officially meet. One day on the bus ride home Lexi deiced to start up a conversation from there they started walking from the bus stop together. They quickly became friends and even went to Junior prom together. Dave had always had a crush on Lexi but she at that point really only saw them as friends. Boyfriends and Girlfriends would enter the picture and they drifted apart. Later in college, Dave sent Lexi a message out of the blue – saying “Hello Beautiful”. At this point they both were single and Lexi still just thought of Dave as a good friend. A few weeks later they reconnected and became inseparable. Lexi found herself falling in love with David and after three months she said “I am certain I will marry you.” They were only 18 at the time but through the years their love has grown into the amazing relationship they have today. It was so wonderful to capture this story and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!   


Venue: Elks Lodge Rotterdam
DJ: Sean Reid
Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright
MU + Hair: Francesca Digregorio
Dress Designer:
Dress Store: Ferri Formals
Shoe: Comfort Plus – Payless

Crooked Lake Love with Sarah + Nick

Sarah + Nick’s wedding was nothing short of something out of a fairy tale. These sweethearts have been an item for the past 9 years and it was so exciting to get to see them tie the knot! Family was at the root of this wedding and one of the best parts was Sara’s Dad’s toast. In essence he said – “She brought home this boy… and I wasn’t happy or keen about it. But, over the years I saw how much they cared for each other, how happy he makes her, and I knew that Nick wasn’t going to go away. Needless to say I have become pretty keen on Nick, and now I have a son.” To me, it is so exciting to watch a love story develop and how that story isn’t just about the couple. It is about everyone who loves and is connected to them. This whole family is just so kind, caring and sweet. It was so amazing to spend the day with them. I also have to note at how talented everyone is. Melissa, Sarah’s Mom created the invitations and they all did a lot of the details that looked fantastic! When Sarah and I first started chatting about her wedding, she explained that her style was rustic and romantic. She wanted to pull in that country charm but keep it classy and elegant. She couldn’t have picked a better venue because the Crooked Lake House is just stunning! We had such an amazing time being part of this day and I LOVEE that Sarah even had some line dancing during the reception. It was such a great time and I am so honored to have been apart of capturing these memories for you! Thank you again for having YTK capture your special day – we wish you all a lifetime of happiness!

Venue: Old Daley on Crooked Lake
DJ: Mike Reilly / CT Productions
Flowers: Party with Mia
Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright, and Jessica Fleurent
Makeup/ Hair: Lipstick N’ Lashes – Patricia + Karen
Dress Store: Jocelyn’s
Dress Designer: Jasmine Bridal
Invitations: Melissa Berghammer