Sweethearts Marry in Saratoga Wedding

Talk about a great love story packed with so much thoughtfulness and two of the sweetest people ever. Trish and Jake love being out doors and adventuring around. Jake had planned his proposal for a trip that they took to Maine and Trish couldn’t have been anymore thrilled or excited. They settled on Saratoga Springs for their wedding and actually got married in the same church that Trish’s parents were married in. The day was full of thoughtful details, great friends and lots and lots of laughter. We so loved spending time with these two and wish them all the happiness in the world!

Venue: Saratoga Hilton
Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright, Kaleigh Ricks and Katie Bishop-Tenczar
Videography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright, Diana Newton and Katie Bishop-Tenczar
Dress: Lilian West
DJ: Electric Blue


Crescent Bay Beach Club

Happily ever after. This is the goal right? We all want to meet and fall in love with that special someone who fills us up, pushes us to be the best version of our self, holds us up when you are vulnerable and falling apart, supports us, believes in us but also doesn’t let you get away with shit….(and for the record, that is the first time I have cursed on my blog BUT I think that love is some pretty heavy shit so there ya go). OK, back to the ever after part… And we are the same supporter, dreamer, and lover in exactly the way that they need.
Let me introduce you to one of the happiest most loving couples I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Now, their path hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows but the light and joy that radiates from them is totally infectious. Try not to smile, I dare you. Alyssa and Amanda met while playing softball at Siena College and every anniversary they would go to the field, even after they had graduated and moved to a different city. It was their special thing, take a walk on the field, reflect and appreciate each other and then celebrate with a wonderful dinner. Two years ago, I got an email from Alyssa. She was planning something special for their next anniversary, a surprise proposal and she wanted me there to capture it. Of course I was in and we created this entire plan where I would bring someone with me and have them “model” so that it wouldn’t be weird that a girl with a camera was hanging around the softball field.

The weather of their anniversary and surprise engagement was scheduled to be rainy (and it certainly was). I talked with Alyssa the day before and told her rain or shine we are a go to capture this amazing moment. I can not begin to tell you how emotional and exciting this the whole proposal was. They walked onto the field and made their way to the pitchers mound where Alyssa dropped the umbrella and got down on one knee in the middle of the rain. I had been hiding in the dugout trying not to be noticed. My stomach was in knots and I had to keep breathing to keep from sobbing! Amanda’s face says it all – she was beyond excited and surprised…..


Amanda looked at Alyssa and said “I’ve been waiting for you to ask me.” and now I have a question for you… SHE PULLED OUT A RING BOX. (and I am AGAIN tearing up just thinking about that moment) We all absolutely lost it. No one had any idea that this surprise engagement was going to have another SURPRISE Engagement! Amanda had been carrying Alyssa’s ring around for SIX months so that when Alyssa asked her, she could return the question! Later we learned that this bit of Kismet is not odd for this couple – they are always on the exact same page (even without knowing!) For example – They both brought champagne to celebrate (glasses and all) and secretly stashed it in the car so the other wouldn’t know! They even bought the exact same brand. Amanda said to us later that the softball field is the exact place that she always wanted to have the proposal. It was beyond perfect and we could not be any more excited to share in this amazing moment with these incredible women! I told them that day that I HAD to be there to capture their wedding. Pushy, I know but seriously understanding the connection and love between these women, I had to be part of their story. Later I got another fateful email from Alyssa asking me to capture their day.

They both wanted a destination wedding but also wanted to make sure that all their friends and family could be with them to celebrate. I am still over the moon for their Crescent Bay Beach Club BRUNCH wedding, which was the perfect mix of tropical bliss and local love. And yes, you heard me correctly, brunch – such a fab idea and it was a blast. We couldn’t be happier for Amanda and Alyssa and I am just so incredibly grateful that I was able to capture such an amazing love story.

A little look back on their amazing engagement!

And now for their wedding!


Venue: The Crescent Beach Club
Photography + Video : YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright and Sabrina Nastasi
Videography: YTK Photography + Film
Band: Arcadia
Invitations: Brittany Simms
Suite: Bindle + Keep

A Perfectly Stunning Hudson Valley Wedding at June Farms


Hudson Valley weddings always have a certain charm and we love just them! One of the newest wedding venue options in the area is absolutely incredible!  June Farms is not only breathtaking as far as the grounds go, but the owner, Matt Baumgartner, and his staff clearly love what they do, and do it with heart and excellence. Acres of rolling hills, beautifully landscaped flowers, stunning barns and friendly farm animals around every corner, it was a true photographer’s dream. The Pony Barn has such a great vibe and you can’t beat a wood fired pizza over with a wrap around outdoor bar.  Matt started this endeavor from scratch and seeing what he’s created is very impressive.

Another photographer’s dream was this amazing couple. Jessica + Leslie were so much fun at our initial meeting at the studio. I could tell this was going to be a beautiful day filled with love, zero stress and everyone having a great time, and that’s exactly what it was. With a huge shout out to the wedding planner and team who made the day run perfectly, Christine Wheat is no joke when it comes to making sure the big day runs smooth and that everyone is well taken care of.

I’ve been raving about this day to my family and the YTK Team for weeks and am so excited to finally share some of my favorite images with you all!








A very special moment as her Aunt placed her Grandmother’s ring for the “something borrowed.”

A sweet first look with Dad.


Now to go check out the Groom!

This is such a perfect spot to exchange vows, gorgeous and peaceful.




The vows Les wrote had quite a few of us in tears.

Off to cocktail hour in the Pony Barn!




Who doesn’t love a little Scotch and axe throwing?

Such a perfect spot to enjoy some celebratory cocktails and catch up with guests!


I learned very quickly that this little orange and white friend we made, is the actual owner of the farm.

Time to join their guests in the dinner tent, overlooking the grounds and setting sun.


With the beautiful sunset, we just had to run up to the best view possible. With the golf carts June Farms uses to get around and Christine Wheat’s excellent driving skills, we were to the sweetest spots in no time.



Back at the Pony Barn for live music and dancing in the barn, or lounging with cocktails on the patio.


Congratulations to Jess + Les. Your love radiates and your smiles are so contagious. Thank you for having YTK capture your special memories!



Photography: Jess Fleurent of YTK Photography + Film

Venue: June Farms

Coordination: Christine A. Wheat Special Events Firm, LLC

Catering: Pearl Street Catering

Floral Design: Poppytree Floral

Dress: Pronovias from A Love Story Bridal

Hair + Makeup: Katie Steinbach of Tribe Artistry

Live Music: https://gcsband.com/




Lovers ‘Elope’ to Nantucket

Let’s run away.
Let’s be like fire & wind
Let’s be free.

‘Elope’ has historically meant “to run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent.” It has also meant—and still means—”to escape.”

Throughout this post I am going to use ‘elope’ with the meaning of ‘escape’. While these two are not (yet) engaged, we created this shoot to celebrate their relationship and each other. I think that there are a lot of really amazing couples out there who have such incredible stories and connection. Just because you are not having a big ceremony or officially tying the knot doesn’t mean you can’t run away on a romantic trip, get dressed up and have someone document your love!

Nantucket is a really special place for me, a place to reset and recharge. Around the time of this shoot, I also needed a little escape and some space for creative work. I love celebrating love and am so inspired by Uli and Elyssa’s story. I had them write private notes to each other about why they love one another and had them read their letters to each other. There was laughter and tears and a great celebration of each other. It was so special. I think that doing things like this with your partner, even if you are not dressed up or being photographed is really important. Its these moments that you will think back on when things get difficult. These moments are the reminders of WHY, they are the light in the dark.

Their story is filled with freedom, leaning into the unknown, and always a sense of adventure. With that bit of wanderlust, Nantucket was the perfect place to ‘elope’.

Let me start this story by giving you a bit of background… and this blog is going to be a lot longer than I generally write because this series of images is very near and dear to my heart as are the two lovers featured. I met Uli about 8 almost 9 years ago when I first relocated to Upstate NY. One of my first photographic jobs in this area was as the Director of the Photo Center of the Capital Region. Now that place is a story all on it’s own, so I will save that for another day. But none the less that is where I was introduced to Uli by Zach (who was one of my interns at the time) and their other great pal, Dave. Uli, Zach and Dave were three peas in a pod and I affectionately referred to them as my “Lost Boys” as I was the “Wendy Lady” as I always (and still am) looking out for them. I was fresh out of college at the time and they weren’t that far behind me. So, wouldn’t you assume that in all my looking after them I would be seeing girls coming and going? But I never did. Zach and Dave are with the same AHHHMazing women (who I just adore) that they were in College. Pretty flipping epic love stories there people! I have just loved watching their relationships blossom and grow – they couldn’t be luckier to have each other. Uli, however was a little bit of a different story. He was quite timid to meet anyone and was, well let’s put it bluntly, pretty awkward and weird. I adore him and all of his quarks but that is through the lens of a protective big sister, so anything he does is adorable. But, it didn’t usually home with the ladies. For Uli, it wasn’t the end of the world, he was really focused on his mother and siblings and expanding his career in acting.

This is the part where I have to tell you about fate, and magic and how when it happens it’s like a lightning bolt through your soul… blah blah blah… BUT that IS what happened to Uli, and her name is Elyssa. Two times in my life a guy has gushed over a girl like that. The first was when my little brother called me to tell me about a girl who he met at school who he stayed up all night talking with and ended up taking her to breakfast. That was their first date, and that girl is now my beautiful sister-in-law… When Uli described Elyssa to me the first time he really didn’t have words just a giant grin and these little points where I thought I saw some extra moisture in his eyes. He was so excited, so connected so ______________ insert any adjective, adverb or verb that describes being in love and that feeling has not faded. When I met Elyssa I totally got it. She is brilliant, strong, determined, funny, kind, and is committed to making a difference in this world. She is stunningly beautiful inside and out. I had a shoot with Sawtooth Jewelry studio in Troy (you totally should check them out), and we needed couples to “pose” while making custom wedding bands. I asked Uli if he would want something like this for his portfolio and if he knew any girls that also might want to be his “wife”. He said yes, and asked Elyssa. They had only been dating a short time and I was a bit nervous that this would be another awkward moment – “hey we just started hanging out but do you want to be my wife?”. Elyssa was intrigued to see more of his acting/modeling work and agreed to come to the shoot. Just the way they made each other smile in this quite but deep way, I knew this was the real deal. Over the past few years, I have watched them pack their entire life up and run away on an adventure to a new city, with new promises, new problems, new lessons and even deeper love for each other. Just a few weeks ago I squeezed them goodbye as they again set out on their next adventure to another new city with new hopes and dreams.

-Let’s all be brave, Believe in Magic and Love-



Location: Nantucket National Seashore
Photography + Videography YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright
Dress: A Love Story Bridal, Troy NY

A Union at Union

Last year, I received an email from Sarah telling me about their Union wedding (where they met in the library while attending college together) and their reception at Mabee Farms scheduled for 2018. We set up a time for her to come to the studio to chat a bit more. That meeting had some unexpected news for me. Sarah told me that her Fiance had just been scheduled for deployment and that they wanted to do a “little wedding” at the court house before he left and that they would like both ceremonies (“the little and big wedding”) captured. Now let me just tell ya, I love a good court house wedding. They are so fun and  full of excitement. They were joined by immediate family only and it was really emotional for everyone knowing that Marc would soon be off. They certainly celebrated their marriage and enjoyed every moment! When a service member is deployed there is always some question if their deployment will be extended, which in this case was Would Marc make it back home for the wedding? I can’t tell you how happy we were to hear that Marc had made it home safely just a few weeks before the “BIG Wedding”!
Since they have such a big connection to Union College, they knew that being married at the Memorial Chapel right on the campus would be special. Sarah wore her mother’s wedding gown and veil while Marc wore his dress blues (a must from Sarah)! Their reception was held at Mabee Farms (another favorite location for us) and it was such a great evening of dancing, crying, and laughter. We are so happy that we were able to capture both amazing events! We just adore Sarah and Marc and wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

To Marc, his father, brother, and fellow members of the Marines and to your partners we thank you for your service.
From the Little Wedding!

And now the BIG Wedding!

I love that Marc got Sarah another band for the Big Wedding!

This moment brings all of us to tears… Marc’s father saluting his son on the alter.

While at Union, Sarah pitched for their softball team. Dad had to take her to pitcher’s mound for at least one throw…

This moment during their first dance between their mother’s has us in tears…

Ceremony: Union College Memorial Chapel
Venue: Mabee Farms
Catering: Top Shelf
Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright and Katie Bishop-Tenczar
Videography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright, Jess Fleurent, and Diana Newton
DJ: Cool Cat
Rentals: Total Events
Flowers: Danker
Dress: Mother’s (made by aunts)
Hair: Sherri – Just Glam
Makeup: Katie Burns

Inn at Erlowest Wedding Film

I think that one of our favorite things about a wedding, is when we get to hear the people who are closest to our couples describe and tell us about their love story. There are so many things that we get to learn about their connections with family, friends and to each other. This day was yet another example of that beautiful storytelling. Patrick’s father reminisced about the days that his son would “fish”.  After cleaning up his shop at his home, he found this old stick, a tree branch, with a bit of string attached to the end. This was Patrick’s first fishing pole and he had kept it all these years. Patrick would go outside to the concrete and “fish”. There wasn’t any water, and he never caught anything. When his father was talking about the day he met Krystin, he said “when it really counted, he came home with the catch of his life.” We couldn’t be happier for Krystin and Patrick and are so delighted that we were able to capture their love story.




Venue: Inn at Erlowest
Coordination: Christine Wheat
Photography: Jeff Foley Photography
Videography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright and Jess Fleurent

DJ Band: Music Man Entertainment- DJ Mike Garassi
Flowers: North Country Flowers
Makeup + Hair: True Grace Hair + Makeup
Dress: Blossom Bride
Designer: Martina Liana
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Photo Booth: O Snap
Invitations: Minted

Elegant Dance Museum Wedding

We are back at the National Museum of Dance with Sam + Abbye’s stunning wedding. Talk about some sweethearts! They are two of the nicest people that you will ever meet and we couldn’t be more happy for them! Abbye + Sam wanted an elegant affair with personal touches. Can we talk about their personalized chopsticks? AH-mazing. We just adore little details like that! Abbye’s dress was dreamlike and we are still drooling over the portraits. It was such a great day and we loved every second of it!


Venue: National Museum of Dance
Catering: Nicole’ Catering and Events
National Dance Museum Wedding Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright, Diana Newton, Assisted by Katie Bishop-Tenzcar
National Dance Museum Wedding Videography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright, Jessica Fleurent and Jennifer Morse
DJ Band: Super Fly Sounds
Flowers: Blooms
Makeup: Erin Holcomb
Hair: Ashley Matthews
Dress Store: Angela’s
Designer: Pronovias
Invitations: Shine

Canfield Casino Wedding Film

They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck. For James + Ally, we did the clear skies dance all morning hoping that the clouds would clear up just after their ceremony. (and it was my Birthday wish, which came true!) James and Ally are just adorable together! You can see how they truly are the best of friends and this day was such a celebration of that friendship and their deep love. From the very moment we met them we knew that this was going to be a stunning and amazing day! Like several of our couples, James and Ally wanted to keep their wedding more traditional AND NO FIRST LOOK. While some people might not like that, we love when our couples stay true to what matters most to them!! They both really wanted that moment when she walked down the aisle and it couldn’t have been any more perfect. 

Style: Ally built her whole inspiration around her love for blue hydrangeas. She found the perfect powder blue for her bridesmaids and it complemented their bouquets to perfection. The entire day was full of classy and traditional wedding touches, from beautiful calligraphy, to the Canfield Casino, Ally and James knew how to throw and fabulous party.  Ally’s dress is another something super special as it was a completely custom design from Modern Trousseau. While dress shopping at Lily Saratoga, Ally fell in love with the fabric on one gown, but she didn’t love the silhouette so she had this stunner made and a pocket square out of the same fabric for James. She looked absolutely stunning. Everyone had a marvelous time and we loved capturing every bit of this celebration!

Ceremony: St. Mary’s Church, Ballston Spa
Venue: Canfield Casino, Saratoga Springs
Catering: Mazzone Hospitality
Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright and Diana Newton, Assisted by Katie Tenzcar
Videography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright, Sabrina Nastasi, and Maya Suchak
DJ: Love of Music
Flowers: Blooms
Makeup + Hair: Embellish Hair Studio + Spa
Dress Store: Lily Saratoga
Designer: Custom Dress by Modern Trousseau
Invitations by Jenny C Design
Tuxedos: Men’s Formal Wear

Classic Downtown Wedding

Jayme + Jonathan’s engagement story is super fun and was a big surprise for Jayme. Although she knew that Jonathan was going to pop the question, she didn’t know how or when. Jonathan (who totally adores Jayme) wanted to do something special including everyone that they are closest with. So, he threw her a pool party for her birthday and invited the whole crew. In the middle of the party Jonathan popped the question and Jayme was shocked!

Jayme and Jonathan have been celebrating their love for the past eight years and we could not be more delighted to capture them making it official! We knew that this was going to be an amazing night! Amazing it was with the stunning Downtown Albany as our backdrop. We had a blast capturing your day and wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

Venue: The State Room
Photography: YTK Photography + Film by Katherine Wright + Jess Fleurent
DJ: Conway Entertainment
Photo Booth: Conway Entertainment
Flowers: Ambiance Floral
Makeup: Leah Francesca
Hair: Melissa Trilley
Dress: Angela’s Bridal
Designer: Pronovias
Invitations: Minted

Fashionable Franklin Plaza Wedding

How to begin to describe this amazing couple? Caitlin and Anthony are two of the sweetest most laid back and in love people that we have ever had the pleasure of working with and we just adored every second of their Franklin Plaza celebration!

The Love Story: Caitlin and Tony first met while studying at St. John’s University in Queens. Eight happy years later they took a trip to New Orleans. One night Tony asked Caitlin to take a walk. As they strolled down the waterway he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She of course said yes. For their wedding, they wanted to doing something very special and authentic to their story. They decided on a destination wedding to Sant Angelo in Formis, Italy (Just outside of Naples). This location is incredibly special to both of them as both of their families are originally from the Naples area. They had an amazing and intimate celebration in May and continued on to the larger reception here in Troy. Every bit of this evening was fabulous! From Caitlin’s dress change (we loved both of them so much), to the insanely awesome band, the dancing and oh did we mention the mozzarella and burrata station?!?!?! Truly an Italian wedding must. It was a delightful night and we are so happy we got to celebrate with such an amazing family.

Congratulations again Caitlin and Tony we wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Venue: Franklin Plaza
Photography: By Katherine Wright Assisted by Katie Bishop-Tenczar
DJ: Conway
Florals: Surroundings
Makeup + Hair: Kyle Garcia
First Dress: Eve of Milady
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Tux: Calvin Klein