Beautiful Boston Naval Wedding with Fallon and Carter

Are you ready to meet one of the coolest couples ever?! I sure hope so, because Fallon and Carter are incredible! They met nearly 7 years ago in Africa while on deployment with the Navy. They adored each other and spent every minute together until Fallon was relocated to Colombia, South America for a few years, which kicked off part of their long distance relationship (to which they became pros and have proved it a successful venture!). Once Fallon got out of the Navy, she took a year off to be with Carter in Hawaii (totally cool, right?!), and made up for a bit of lost time that they’d been apart. She then kicked off round two of their long distance relationship as she went to Boston to get her master’s degree in social work. They were a long-distance couple for a total of 5 years all together! BUT, here’s where the fun part comes in, last summer they decided to make things official and eloped to Kauai to get married in a private and really special fashion! Fallon wore the same dress that you’ll see in these images, a fair trade beauty, that is both long and short! It has POCKETS and SNAPS, is silk, lace and fair trade, what more could a girl hope for? They hit up the judge’s office in Kauai, became husband and wife and scooted around the island taking selfies and drinking champagne and ended the night on the beach drinking wine and singing karaoke to each other using youtube! Yep, like I said, pretty much the coolest ever! They added to the special vibe by returning to Boston to have a special ceremony and share their wedding with their immediate families the same weekend that Fallon graduated from grad school. They shared vows in the form of a mini story that they read to each other, so their families could get a view of them, their lives, and their love for each other since they don’t get to see them together very often. It was a beautiful and super-fun day with an awesome couple, who are now off to their home TOGETHER (no more long distance!Yay!) in Hawaii! Congrats guys, enjoy every second of each other!

Boston_naval_Wedding042 Boston_naval_Wedding043 Boston_naval_Wedding044 Boston_naval_Wedding045 Boston_naval_Wedding046 Boston_naval_Wedding047 Boston_naval_Wedding048 Boston_naval_Wedding049 Boston_naval_Wedding050 Boston_naval_Wedding051 Boston_naval_Wedding052 Boston_naval_Wedding053 Boston_naval_Wedding054 Boston_naval_Wedding055 Boston_naval_Wedding056 Boston_naval_Wedding057 Boston_naval_Wedding058 Boston_naval_Wedding059 Boston_naval_Wedding060 Boston_naval_Wedding061 Boston_naval_Wedding062 Boston_naval_Wedding063 Boston_naval_Wedding064 Boston_naval_Wedding065 Boston_naval_Wedding066 Boston_naval_Wedding067 Boston_naval_Wedding068 Boston_naval_Wedding069 Boston_naval_Wedding070 Boston_naval_Wedding071Just love this shot of Carter and Fallon with Fallon’s Brother, Ryan and Sister-in-law (a.k.a. bestie) Anna Boston_naval_Wedding072We got to capture Anna’s beautiful wedding last fall and it was SOOOO good to see this gorgeous face again! Boston_naval_Wedding073Love the sibling goofiness!  Boston_naval_Wedding074and all of the girl giggles!  Boston_naval_Wedding075 Boston_naval_Wedding076 Boston_naval_Wedding077 Boston_naval_Wedding078 Boston_naval_Wedding079 Boston_naval_Wedding080


Ceremony Location:  Marsh Chapel on Boston University’s campus

Boston Wedding Photography:   YTK Photography, Nicole Nero Assisted by Kimberly Britten

Makeup and Hair: James Joseph Salon on Newbury Street
Dress: Celia Grace, “The Diana” – Fair traaaade!!


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