Alternative Printing Techniques – Featuring inkAID

Introducing inkAID™! – A short presentation and overview of the use and versatility of inkAID Coatings.


One thing that I always missed about the wet lab was hand creating work, which is generally difficult in our digital era. I learned about inkAID and some other alternative techniques through my dear and talented friend Karen Schlesinger, and was hooked.

So what is it? Very simply: inkAID is a coating that goes on a substrate (paper or other base for your image) that makes the substrate inkjet receptive. This means that you can print on virtually anything that you can get through your printer including: Fabric, Fine Art Papers, Hand Made Papers, certain Metals and even plastic! For the past five years, I have been working with the wonderful people and products of inkAID – check out some Samples Here:

In October I will be teaching these techniques and more alternative processes in an intensive 2-day workshop at the Center for Photography at Woodstock. To learn more visit

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