Albany Yoga and Fitness Photography

 There is nothing more exciting then collaborating ideas and working on a great project. I am so excited to show you something a little different today with some Albany Yoga and Fitness Photography. About a year ago Lynnae started training with the goal of doing more fitness modeling. She also wanted to expand her portfolio to include this new genre. When we started talking about a shoot we both wanted the focus to be on her form and body structure. It was very important that we have a natural juxtaposition between feminine style while showing strength and muscle. We worked with a mix of weights and yoga for great poses and props. From a technical aspect, we shot in a variety of situations to give Lynnae the most options. My favorite are the dramatic studio shots where the lighting helps to sculpt her body.


I love these yoga poses in the studio with the beautiful natural light. Gorgeous Yoga Photography!


Can you get more sculpted?


This was one of my favorite shots of the day. The light was perfect and we had an amazing view.

Albany_Sports_Portrait_Photography_YTK005 Albany_Sports_Portrait_Photography_YTK006

Lynnae makes all of the yoga poses look so easy and effortless. I just love this shot!

Albany_Sports_Portrait_Photography_YTK007Albany_Sports_Portrait_Photography_YTK008 Albany_Sports_Portrait_Photography_YTK009 Albany_Sports_Portrait_Photography_YTK010

And why not do pushups on top of the monkey bars?

Albany_Sports_Portrait_Photography_YTK011Albany_Sports_Portrait_Photography_YTK012 Albany_Sports_Portrait_Photography_YTK013 Albany_Sports_Portrait_Photography_YTK014 Albany_Sports_Portrait_Photography_YTK015

This was a fab project and I am so happy that we got to work on this Fitness Shoot together.

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