Albany Wedding Videography with Max and Gina

Max and Gina’s love soared to new heights as they entered into marriage during their rooftop wedding at Taste in Albany, NY. The brilliance of the summer sun couldn’t outshine the love that radiated from this couple. As they gazed into each other’s hearts and shared raw, honest, and heartfelt promises to guide their future together forever, many a tear was shed.
With so much love for family, personal touches were woven throughout the tapestry of their day. Max played a time-honored German form of Bridge with his father and brother, a game taught to his father by his grandfather and played with his brother at a wedding as children. Gina and her officiant, who she had grown up with since childhood, lovingly readied her 4 sisters as well as 3 small children for tailored roles in the ceremony. Gina’s best friend and “twin cousin” then readied Gina for the biggest day of her life to date, tucking a much needed German handkerchief into her gown in honor of Max’s heritage.
The deep colors of sunset were a beautiful transition from a tremendous day into the fun filled festivities of night. After a dramatic first dance with dips and all, a good natured cake smearing, and a particularly hilarious toast, a sliver of moon kept watch through endearing dances with the bride, the groom, their mothers and all the mothers sons and daughters who joined in. Then the funtastic dance party fired up against the backdrop of Empire Plaza and the glittering city lights, a party that went well into the warm, clear summer night.
Max, Gina, we wish you a lifetime of highs as special as your day and the eternal glitter of memories as special as these. Cheers to you! And thank you for inviting us to be part of your celebration.


Videography: YTK Works: Kim Clune
Venue/Caterer: Taste, Albany

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